Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Marissa says, KAYA!

The LO below is about my daughter transitioning from high school to college life. It is difficult to let go especially if it turns my husband and me into empty nesters! Most especially when it is a daughter who has been sheltered all her life going to the big city. Come to think of it...she is beginning to start her own life. Time really flies...so fast it hit me hard!

[To the tune of Camp Granada]
DD: Ready, Mother?
ME: No, my Daughter
DD: I am leaving
ME: See me crying?
DD: For Chicago

ME: I can't let go

DD: Don't you worry...
ME: I can't help it!
DD: I'll be back soon, just get ready with some money in your wallet...!

Raspberry Road Designs - Color Your World Elements: star, wired frames, brackets, paint splatter, paint strokes, bling; Raspberry Road Designs - Butterfly Dreams: bg paper, tabs, blue bows. butterfly wings
Fonts: Myriad Pro and Weltron Urban
WTHS picture downloaded from WTHS home page; UIC picture downloaded from UIC home page; created using CS3-Ex

Layering, re-sizing, drop shadows, embossing, extracting

About me:
Hi... I'm Lee's sister.


Tin said...

Hi Manang Marissa! Goodness i guess you and I are on the same boat then :-) our daughters are off to college!

Your LO is quite refreshing, vi enjoyed the freestyle theme to it And it's great that you have a pic of her HS and now her uni, gotta try that!

I found your journaling so funny! not to mention your About Me, short and sweet LOL :-) that quick wit sure does run in your family hehe


Christine said...

Hi Lee's sister :)

Hi Marissa! I love how simple and clean and colorful your page looks!

the dreamer said...

Marissa! Love your layout! =) Love the colors, textures, photos and the butterfly wings.

Ditto Tin's comment. Short and sweet ang All About Me mo. Wit does run in the family. =)


Lee i. said...

Hi, my sister. Hehehe. Cute ouc of Chrissie - love the wings. At ang dialogue ha. Kapatid nga kita. Hehehe.

marking said...

Hi Marissa, I always enjoy your LOs. You get your story across even with short journalling.

CaysCreation said...

Hmmmm, this is nice Marissa