Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Time to Fly

Tin says KAYA!

I am officially a college mom. I can't really explain it. Sometimes i feel anxious for my DD and there are times when i'm scared out of my wits, but I guess it's what moms do . . . worry, even endlessly. Just as much I would love to always have my children look up to me, there comes a time when we just have to stand back and let go and let them be their own heroes. Easier said than done *wink* but i'm getting there :-)

It was 2 o'clock in the afternoon when we were all scurrying around the condo helping you prepare for your high school graduation that evening. As I was passing by your room I caught a glimpse of your white toga hanging outside your door. I just had to pause and take a photo, an image held in time where memories of your primary and high school days came rushing back to me.

I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE IT! WE DID IT BABY GIRL! This is the REAL DEAL. Soon you'll be dealing with new classmates, hard core professors, boys, keeping count of your cuts, boys, exposure trips, internships, did I mention boys? You get the picture :-) Back in ICA you were safe behind walls . . . in CSB the world is literally at your reach. Perhaps these are just new fears for your dear ol' mumerz, but I TRUST & KNOW you to always do the right thing (including BOYS, *ahem*).

NOW is your time to discover yourself and the world . . . now is your time to FLY!

(And will you succeed ? . . . 98 3/4 percent, guaranteeed! -- Dr. Seuss --)

Materials Used:
Label Tulip Kit (April Showers): Pink Paislee Outside the Box and Close the Loop, SEI Dill, Prima Roundabout, Sassafrass Lass Buttercream Bliss, AC Crafts Playroom Felt Alphas, Maya Road Clock rubons, Pink Paislee Office Lingo die-cut, Maya Road School Rubon and Journaling sheers, Jenni Bowlin chalkboard alpha, Sassafrass Lass My Dearest alphas, MM Tiny Alph stickers, Pink Paislee mini clear stamp doodle star, LT stamp Houndstooth / Not include in the kit: Technique Tuesdays Whirly Gigs stamps, Ac slick writer, Micron 08, Nick Bantock Cerulean Azure and Adirondack Cranberry

Techniques Used:
- stamping, paper cutting and layering

About Me:
I'm turning 35 this month, my heart is still young at 18, mentally I can be 7 years old to 50 in a split second, and my knees firmly believes it's 70! If anyone has bursitis, PLEASE, my knees needs a support group LOL


Lee i. said...

Love the photos, the wings on the photo, the colors, the story, the sentiments, love everything about it. Especially love that Dr. Seuss quote. Even that small photo of you in the corner? Love it, too. Medyo sedated ka lang when it was taken ano? LOL.

the dreamer said...

Tin! Miss na kita! Grabe, natulala ako dito sa layout mo! Ang ganda-ganda! =)

Kakaiba ka talaga, kapatid. At ang ganda naman talaga ng story ng toga di ba.

Love your challenge! =) (Um, sana, makagawa, haha.)


Jenn said...

Wow Tin! Ang ganda ng layout!!! at ang ganda din ng sketch mo!

Ch said...

Awww hahahaa it's the ICA toga! *memories* You're a cool mom, Tin!! ;) (See just the fact I can call you Tin and not Auntie.. hehehe kidding aside)

Hope I can take you up on that challenge this month! Whee! :D Love your LO!

zabeth said...

Beautiful sketch and the layout. loved the journaling, the materials used and btw, what is the micron 08? Loved the paper on both edges did you used binding machine? Loved everything.

Tin said...

Lee: Thanks for appreciating my LO :-) obvious ba i'm a big Dr. Seuss fan hehe isama mo na din si Shel Silverstein :-) re my About Me pic, medyo maaraw lang hehe

Nina: thanks for the kinds words! naku ikaw nga ito tagal na din kita hindi nakikita :-) oo nga sana makasali ka before you leave.

Jenn: thanks jenn :-) sali ka ha!

CH: the mere fact the you are the only ICAn I know that doesn't call me AUNTIE, you're A-OK hehe hope you can join, can't wait to see what the amazing CH can do with my simple sketch :-)

Zabeth: Thanks so much, glad you liked it :-) The Micron is like a sign pen that's acid free and come s in different points, i used the thickest that I have which is 08. The edges are actually Pink Paislee Out of the Box paper, i cut out the sides and glued it on my main paper. Medyo fave na technique ko lately is to play with the edges of my background paper. Hope this helps :-)

diane said...

Grabeh I super love your LO! And that wings is gorgeous! Thanks for this challenge Tin!

Benga said...

Lovely page with all the bits & pieces especially the wings! Thanks for this challenge, I already have an idea sana makagawa na ko =)

CraftFairy said...

Hi Tin. Super inspiring. I have to take pics of my daughter's toga na rin pala! Why didn't I think of that? TFS. Love the challenge.

Christine said...

Thanks for a fun challenge, Tin!

I love how fun your page looks - it's so very you! ;)