Sunday, August 23, 2009

Being Me

Mye says, KAYA!

I like Leica's challenge. Since it is about ourselves, I chose the portrait shots that my husband took after buying his first strobist kit. I am not very much into posing for the camera but since it was only him and I inside the room, it became easier and the shots turned quite well and he was able to practice.

I was thinking of whether to use traditional or digital. I still have a couple of unused kits in my stash but I cannot properly execute the things I want in paper so I opted for a digital layout.

Technique Used:
Drop Shadows, Layering

Materials Used:
Jubilant and Pocketful of Sunshine by Connie Prince.
Fonts: Century Gothic and Edwardian Script

About ME:
I am Myrlyn De Leon from Rizal. A scrapper, event coordinator and mom to my twins, Scieszka Raine and Elysia Raine. Scrapping and blogging has been my diversion from the serious and busy life in the city as a working mom. Visit me at Scrap Like Crazy.

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symbelly said...

i like this. nice colors!
lovely LO!