Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Jenny Jean says, KAYA!

Here is my take on Leica's August Challenge.

For our third anniversary, we have decided to take a weekend trip to Malaysia. We enjoyed the sights, and had a taste of the local delights. It was a wonderful vacation. But what made it even more memorable is when my Cookie popped the question. And with tears brimming in my eyes, I said "Yes!".

Materials Used:
Text Printout with foam tape (for the Yes! title), Pink Ribbon, Colored paper (just some leftover pieces), Walter Knabe Card Stamp&Scrap Paper Pack (Provincial) for the Journalling page, White Photo Corners, Cut-outs (Heart Clipart with text)

Techniques Used/Process:
Cropping/Resizing for the photos, Layering, Cutting

About ME:
I am Jenny Jean, an IT professional practicing in Singapore. My fiance and I love to take photos and I found scrapbooking to be the best way for preserving the memories that comes with them. In between the day job, housechores, and (very rarely these days) scrapping, I will soon need to start preparing for a 2010 wedding. Cookie is a term of endearment between me and my fiance.

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CraftFairy said...

Wow! Congratulations! Now there will be more reasons to make memorable albums! TFS!