Friday, June 1, 2007

Kaya Two

Are you girls ready for the next challenge?

Most of our scrapbook layouts are rich in colors. All sorts of patterned papers as well as the beautiful embellishments all work together to give us wonderfully made layouts. Sometimes, we opt of doing layouts using all the colors of the rainbow, and rarely do we use black and white in our layouts (I admit I am guilty of this one). So, for this month, we decided to strip off most colors.

The challenge is called, “Black, White, and a Pint of Color,” and we are challenging you do a layout predominantly in black and white, with an additional color to add a little life. Your layout must comprise of at least 70% black and white materials (pictures, papers, and embellishments), with only one color for added decoration. With one color, we mean just ONE color, but all shades are allowed. For example, if you plan to use green, you can use all different shades of green (olive green, leaf green, mint green, etc.) in your layout.

General Rules:
*** Patterned papers, cardstocks, and embellishments must be in black and white, but you can also add in papers and embellishments in color of your choice, as long as the whole layout is still predominantly in black and white.
*** All pictures must be in black and white. Sepia tones are not accepted. But, you can digitally modify your picture by adding a color to a certain part of the picture, but the color you used in the picture will be the only color you can use in the entire layout. For example, if you use the image on the right as your picture and highlighted the popsicle by coloring it in orange, you can only use the color orange (and the shades of it) in your layout.
*** You can create your own patterned paper by doodling, embossing, stamping, painting, and any technique you can think of.
*** The challenge must be predominantly in black and white. No all black, or all white layouts.
*** You can go with any theme and technique.
*** All layouts must be in 12 x 12, either Traditional or Digital.
*** 2-page spreads are allowed.
*** One can submit only one layout per category.

I know there are basically just three colors to be used for this challenge, but don’t let it hinder you by creating masterpieces. There might be just three colors, but the possibilities of creating great layouts are endless. Deadline of submission will be on June 27th. The favorite layout at the end of the month will be highlighted and will be given a spot on the blog’s side panel for the whole month of August.

For questions and clarifications, please post your questions in the Comments Section, so others could get to read the answers, too. Thanks a lot.

*** Special thanks to Donna who initially thought of the idea for this challenge. ***

Kayang Kaya Kaya? For sure, Kaya!

Happy Scrapping, ladies!

-- Jenn


Au Lim said...

ako po may questions:

1) Yung pint of color natin puede ang shades right of that color, right? e yung black and white patterned paper, puede rin ba ang shades of B/W (meaning grays)? Saw some PPs in my stash kasi na B/W pero may shade of grays. Puede ba gamitin yun?

2) Are metal/metallic coloring (gold, silver, copper, pewter) embellishments allowed? Or are they considered a "color"?

Lee i. said...

Hi Au, 1) shades of grays are allowed if they are part of a predominantly black/white patterned paper. Can't be PPS or CS that is pure gray. 2) metal embellishents are okay, too if they are painted white, black, or that extra color of your choice. :-) Hope this answers your questions. Thanks.