Saturday, July 25, 2009

For The Love of Books

Isah Mae says, KAYA!

I enjoyed doing KAYA 27 because I like the theme. Doing LO for the things that make us feel happy and inspired is a fun thing to do. I used books as my subject because they brought me a lot of lessons which I can apply in different situation. =)

Reading books thought me a lot of things. It inspire me to move forward and experience by imagination the life of other characters. I really enjoy spending my spare time in front of these amazing literary artworks... - sahmae

Software Used:
Adobe Photoshop CS3, Nik Software

70's Dotty Yellow, Beaded Swirl, Paper Butterfly, Scribble Line Border, Flower and Glitter Circle from
Fonts: Earwig Factory, Elephant, Papyrus, Pointy, Smudger

Layering, adjustment of hue and resizing of photos

About ME:
I'm Isah Mae, but my friends call me sahmae. I am a Marketing student in Central Colleges of the Philippines. I've been scrapping since I was in high school but when I entered college, I became passive on that hobby. I am also interested in photography, creating AVPs and reading books.


Laarni Pedrosa - Uy said...

amazing!! doesnt look digital at all! love the theme as i myself am a booklover, thoug currently into nonfiction as opposed to my younger years where im such an avid Stephen King fan (oops! there goes my age!)

Roxannee said...

Sahmae I love the way you've taken several photos of your books. This is very neatly done! Thanks for joining!