Saturday, July 25, 2009

Top List

July says, KAYA!

Thanks Roxanne for this great idea. I've always wanted to scrap things that matters to me and this is the right opportunity.

3 My phone is my "Bread and Butter" is at stake without it.
2 My Camera the "Love of my Life" every sickness, mood swings vanished once this thing in my hand.
1 My Journal - my most ever "Loyal friend" never complaint to any of my feelings, rumblings and everything.

AC thickers, Pink Paislee, Junkitz, Autumn Leaves, Fancy Fants

About ME:
I still experiment my scrapbooking style. I love trying different ways to explore my creativity. Afterall, scrapbooking is one sure stress-buster for me.


Laarni Pedrosa - Uy said...

i love the way your photos were arranged stacked on top of the other, and how you numbered them along with the journaling. also love the colorful floral elements.

Roxannee said...

Love those flowers July! and the pp you've used. Thanks for joining!