Friday, July 31, 2009

Kaya 27 Winners are Here!!!

First of all, I'd LOVE to thank all the Scrap Sisters who despite their busy skeds, found a way to give some lovin' to their most important ThinGs and dug so deep to look for different AlpHas.... Everyone deserves a pat in the back. Your layouts are all inspiring! Ate Lil, thanks for following this month's challenge as well. Secondly, thanks to the PS mod Ms. Lee who tirelessly uploaded the entries whilst having a hectic schedule and for patiently answering all my questions. It was fun chatting and exchanging views with you from the planning stage of this challenge till a few hours before the draw. Now without further adieu, here are the lucky winners drawn by my son:

Janis, because you love your Laptop- you are this month's traditional layout winner. Congratulations!

For the digital entry, Mye's Wedding Planner is the lucky winner! Thank yourself for changing and re-sending your lay out on time!
I enjoyed being the challenger of the month, and it was a worthwhile experience. This made me a wee bit proud of myself (wink). I am hoping to make a layout about this journey one day. Again my heartfelt thanks to everyone and congratulations to the winners. Please contact Miss Lee for details about the RAK.


Ate Lil said...

Thank you very much, Rox! I feel like I am a real WINNER because of all the encouragement and inspiration that you (and the PS Mods) so generously give me. It feels so good to be appreciated!

Ate Lil

janis said...

wow, lucky me!!! thanks again roxannee for hosting the challenge!!!