Wednesday, April 23, 2008

To Ethan, 7, and Ashton, 15 months, to be read on your 1st Night Out Together

Roxanee says, KAYA!

I tried to be not serious with this layout - I mean no tears involved otherwise that would put me off and stop me from doing a layout. So with Cheeky as the title, I wrote the letter in a cheeky way. Well, that really comes from my heart. I am actually nervous just thinking about this event or milestone or whatever term is suitable. And maybe people would think it's a bit unorthodox, well looking at the future, chances are, my kids will really go on a night out together - just by themselves (my hubby and I had planned their firsts to be accompanied by us.) I don't know if this letter will stop them from going (hope not), but then whose got a Mom who made a layout and wrote a letter ages ago for a first night out together?! The truth is, this is my way to express the fear a Mom would feel when her kids are about to put their social life to the next level. I cross my fingers. Sigh.

Mommy's Cheeky Little Men

toGeTher, SiLLy, eNjoy, YipPeE, GigGle, TicKle

Hidden letter reads:
Mommy's (now these are hidden) gorgeous boys: Ok, ok! Let me put this STRAIGHT- I didn't write this to be a drama queen for the moment...I'm just going to wish the 2 of you LUCK on your 1st NIGHT OUT TOGETHER!! How exciting! Ethan-you're the BIG BRO, I know I don't have to remind u about looking after ASHTON. Just take it Easy, ok? And you young one- yes you ASHTON, don't over indulge! There are more night outs to come. Just make this a memorable one...then we'll scrapbook it together...hahahaha. Try not to get too drunk, respect the AMBER ALE (that is beer folks). Look after yourselves ok? Otherwise this will be your 1st and last. (I am slightly serious). You know the rules don't you? It's a shame Dad & I are not joining you. We are not keen on stalking you this time. LOL. And lastly, stay away from dangerous girls (and Guys too)...don't leave your drink-keep an eye on it! Ok 'nuff said. Have fun! We trust you a lot! Love & kisses, Mommy. BE SAFE.
P.S. I would love to hear about it tomorrow! LOL! wink
P.S. #2 Be nice to the taxi driver. Give him the tip-a fair dinkum one.
P.S. #3 Kindly put this letter back where you got it from.

Material Used:
card stock from Craft market, stamps by Grant and Stephanie Barnard Collection, ink by grant, pretty colour and versa color, buttons, safety pin, PP by Lisa Wells, olive ric rac and ribbon from Lincraft, brad, mulberry flower by Smart Kraft, Scotch tacky glue, double sided tape, Frencheville journal pen,white pen by Uniball, emroidery floss, faux leather string, whispers strokes dual tip pen, stapler.

Techniques Used:
sponged light blue pigment ink on the cuttlebug embossed words , paper tearing, stamping.

About ME:
Hi, I'm Roxannee, Mom of 2 boys, wife to my patient & gentle HS sweetheart. Started scrapbooking in 2007 and loving it! I'm also into card making, cake decorating, and I'm willing to try all sorts of crafts!! Have u seen my blog yet? click here:


Lee i. said...

Roxannee, this is such a fun LO. And your journaling is so funny. I can just imagine your children's faces when they open that. And great idea to have them out the letter back where they found it. We can't have our letters "lost" after all the heart and soul we put into them, right? Saka sayang kung hindi na kumpleto ang LO. Hehe.

Candy said...

Ikaw talaga, Roxannee! Hahaha! You're boys are really going to have fun! It really shows how much fun you are too as a mom. And the clincher?! May pahabol pang ibalik ang sulat!

Ching said...

Hi Roxanne, You are a cool mom ! Your boys will love your letter and sure have fun on their first night out together.

Sandra Yu said...

hi roxannee,

wow! cool mom=) i want to be just like that. love the LO, so fun to look at and pang "boys" talaga.ang kulet may note pa na ibalik ang letter..hehe!

CraftFairy said...

Beautiful, Rox! Funny journaling. Very light to the soul. Sound like you want to join the boys on their first night out, hehehe...

Benga said...

The letter was funny! You're such a cool mom! And I love the whitespace in your LO, it directs the attention to the photo, very nice!


Me-anne's Nook said...

very fun layout indeed to match a very lovely and cuttie journaling, galing Roxanne!

Donna Espiritu said...

fun and sweet layout rox! love the colors and those buttons! :)