Monday, April 14, 2008

To Jerome, 18 months, to be read when your wife is pregnant

Susie says, KAYA!

Of course, i am a breastfed baby, from birth til 13 months.

Hidden letter:
Dear Jerome,

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am happy that you will be a father soon. It is my prayer that you won't have to go thru the TTC (trying to conceive) battle that daddy and I had.

When i became pregnant, i went into "research overdrive," reading everything i could about pregnancy and newborn. That was how determined that i would breastfeed (BF) you. I started attending La Leche League (LLL) meetings from five months pregnant til i gave birth, to give me info and encouragement. BF though a natural process does not always come naturally. I know it is best for both of us and is the ideal way to initiate good parent-child relationship.

My ONLY birth plan is to BF you as soon as possible after i delivered. I was groggy with anaesthesia waiting in the room with daddy, he has to follow up the nurse several times to bring you to us. Some hospitals are not supportive of this. Finally, they brought you in after 40 minutes and we tried BF. We both did not know how to do it, it was an uphill struggle, but after sometime, we did it successfully. I did not allow you to feed formula, so nurse had to bring you to me every 2-3 hours, tiring for me but i was determined. I know breastmilk is the best. Sometimes i want to give up as you cried loudly for hunger, esp on our first night at home. It was good LLL leaders were there to hlep us, they taught us how to latch correctly, i took Fenugreek to increase my milk supply, from then on, all was well.

This went on until you were 13 months, you were biting me and ready to wean. I truly missed the bonding we had, the touching, cuddling and skin to skin contact. The closeness that BF brought between you and me is priceless.

Please make sure your wife BF your baby. I don't need to explain the benefits of it, you should know as you are a healthy man.

I am proud to be a successful breastfeeding mother. This is the best gift i have given you.

Mama (April 7, 2008)

P.S. Promised me that you will be a good father like your daddy.

Materials Used:
Making memories papers / Making memories acrylic paint for title - Manila / Making memories glitters in steel / Zig writer / Buttons and fibers

About ME:
I'm Susie, 38 yrs, lives in hk, married for 10 years, with 18 months old son. Been scrapping since 2002. SAHM with part time job as a mystery shopper.


Candy said...

Congratulations, Susie, for BF your baby! I also have 1 son, now 4, who I struggled to BF until his 3rd b-day. Yes, it is difficult to do it, but really worth it. If you're interested to see my LO called Breastfeeding Connection in my blog, you are welcome to do so. Yes, we are a very small group of very determined mothers, willing to do everything for our child's welfare. Your Lo is a great tribute to BF!

Candy said...

Me again. Sorry, if you'd like to check the BF LO, go to Nov'07 and look for the title Breastfeeding Connection. Otherwise, you can go to Galo and search for the same title.---BY the way, I too was egged on by a friend who used to attend LLL in Ireland.

Lee i. said...

Susie, sa wakas! Sumali ka din sa Kaya! And with an LO that is so relevant pa. I love the papers that you used and the vine that is in the middle, symbolizing growth for me. I hope Jerome and wife do breastfeed when they have their babies many many years from now.:-)

zabeth said...

So cute loved the feeding bottle very memorable. Great LO.

CraftFairy said...

Very touching. Pretty layout too!

Roxannee said...

I only have one photo while BF my youngest. My 1st born, I breastfed too but I didn't have a single picture. This is an excellent memoir of those exceptionally special bonding moments. I know how it felt and I am sure that you are willing to share that loving feeling to your grandchild through your son and daughter in law.

Donna Espiritu said...

such a nice layout, love the letter to your son! great job, both on BFing your son and for giving him this very helpful tips!!

Susie said...

ay sus, i didn't even know there are comments here....thanks!