Thursday, April 10, 2008

Letter to Dennis, age 30, to be read On Our 10th Year

Sandra says, KAYA!

I chose to write a letter for my husband in this challenge. I was so excited yet clueless since I really got no idea of what to write him. This letter is intended for our 10th year anniversary. He actually saw this LO and keeps on bugging me what's in the journaling. I said he has to wait til our 10th year for him to find out...hehe! He's so curious...I can see the look in his eyes.

Supplies used:
Bazzill CS & scalloped/ patterned paper (7gypsies)/ flowers (rekindled moments)/ "on" "our" "yr" (junkitz)/ 10th (heidi swapp)/ gold butterfly (simple joys)/ buttons (rhonna farrer)/ threads (dmz)/ brown acrylic (semco)

Hidden Letter:
Dearest Dennis,Happy 10th year anniversary! This letter is something special why? I've wrote this exactly on April 7, 2008. Believe it or not! Especially for you.

By this time we are just starting. We just got married for more than 5 months. I'm so happy and fulfilled to be with you. We know that our relationship is not a perfect one, but we know and we are sure of what we have. I am thankful to God that He gave me such a wonderful person. I thank you for loving and caring me, for supporting me with what i love (esp in scrapbooking!!), for teaching me, and for being honest to me all the time. You know what I'm so clueless of how we look right now (I'm 37 and you're 40 already!!). So eager to know how many children we have...can't wait to know all these!

It has been a decade of our partnership. I'm sure we have tons of enjoyment and moments to treasure by this time. I love you so much. Nothing compares with the love I found in you.

You'll always be the same person I get to see when I wake up every morning.

PS: Its my 37th birthday today!!! Where's my gift. Just kidding!


About Me:
I'm 27 years old. Just got married last October 2007. Whew! I started scrapbooking last year. But hey I'm addicted to it already. I'm working as a credit analyst in a telecommunications company. I'm glad that I have my creative outlet-w/c is scrapbooking! It is relaxing and I feel free from stress while doing it. Visit my blog:


Lee i. said...

Sandra, having met Dennis and seen how supportive of you he is, I have the feeling that he knows about this blog. Haha. I hope that doesn't ruin the surprise. I love your letter, specially since your just barely 5 months into your marriage and your wondering about what you'd both be like 10 years hence. I am sure stronger as ever. Love that bit about the bday gift. Hehe.

Jenn said...

hi sandra! you got married on your birthday? so sweet naman! actually, i agree with lee. i have seen how dennis supports you in your hobby, and i could say that i, too, am a fan of yours. may you continue to stay in love forever.

Sandra Yu said...

thanks ms lee & jenn..kinikilig naman ako how u see him..blush** my birthday is more meaningful now..kasi nga its also our anniv..hehe! sabi nila matipid daw kasi isang gift na lang, but for me its the thought talaga that counts kaya i have no doubts of getting married on my bday..thanks again for sharing your thoughts..God bless

zabeth said...

Pretty layreing and details.

CraftFairy said...

I like the layout and the idea of him receiving this soon. Let us know of his reactions, ha? hehehe. inquiring minds want to know.

Roxannee said...

You are so in love!!!sana ganyan pa din ako ka sweet..the problem is my hubby forbids me to show his pix on the net!!! baka daw maagaw sya! asus!

Donna Espiritu said...

ang sweet namn ni sandra! great layout!