Tuesday, April 1, 2008

To Sarah, age 8, and Kahlo, age 6, to be read on the day you both have a crush on the same boy

Lee says, KAYA!

I was really inspired by the wonderful letters of the writers in Real Simple magazine. They got me thinking about what the future might hold for my children. In this layout, I am writing to my two daughters. I hope to make one layout for my son soon. And maybe make more layouts, with my DH writing letters to the KiDS. It will be nice to have his voice in our scrapbooks.

I couldn’t find a photo of the three of us girls facing the camera, but I think this one is just right as it captures my two girls’ different personalities. One was excited to be so high in the air (we were on the giant Ferris wheel in Enchanted Kingdom) while the other looked apprehensive. Me? I was just enjoying this moment with my girls.

I hope you two are still talking because I really want you to read this together. No peeking please. – Mama.

Inside the envelope:

Dearest Sarah and Kahlo,

If you are reading this letter, then the moment I have been dreading as a woman and as a mom has happened. You are both attracted to the same boy.

I was hopeful this would never happen. After all, you two are very different from each other. You have different personalities and tastes. You, Sarah, are the more girly-girl while you Kahlo, have always been one of the boys. That’s not to say that either is a bad thing. But you two make a conscious effort to be different from each other. When Sarah declared she likes fruits, Kahlo said she’s the one who eats vegetables. Sarah (being older) got to pick pink and purple as her favorite colors first. And you Kahlo was quite content with yellow and orange. Until recently. When you realized you like pink, too, and bravely declared to your older sister that it’s perfectly alright you like pink because Sarah “doesn’t own all the colors.”

So now I’m beginning to think the two of you having a crush on one boy is not too far-fetched after all. There is only two years age difference between you. That means, you will be studying two years in the same high school or even the same university. Who knows, there might be some campus jock or geek that you’d both be fascinated by.

Now that this has happened, remember the #1 rule in our house. The same rule that has been enforced since you were but toddlers. “If you can’t share, you can’t have.” I hope by now you two have fully grasped the meaning of the word. SHARE! Often times I have caught you wanting the same thing but somehow you resolved it. Sure there were lots of screaming and crying (I hope you are too mature for that now) but at the end of the day, you were still the closest of sisters, if not the best of friends.

If the object of your affection decides that he likes one of you more…to that lucky girl, do not gloat. Think about your sister who might be hurting. I am not saying that you should deny your own feelings, I just want you to be considerate of her feelings, too. Talk to her. Love her.

To you dear child who must by now be feeling heart-broken, remember that you are loved. By me, by your Papa, by your brother and sister, long before this boy came along. There will be other boys. It’s just that in this case, you didn’t fit. Remember that he has his own tastes and personality, too. And it’s not about what you are or what you are not, but what suits him at this moment. Talk to your sister. Love her. Chaperone her on her dates.

If he doesn’t return either of your feelings, then boo for him. It’s obvious he doesn’t know you at all. There can be no more loving, more sensitive and more charming girls than the two of you. He doesn’t know how privileged he is that he has my best girls admiring him. So my two sweethearts, move on. There are many more boys out there. More than enough for the two of you to share. I’m sure in time you will find the perfect fit for each of you, different tastes, personalities and all.

Mama (age 40, who had many crushes and the accompanying drama before finding the perfect fit in your Papa at age 30)
- March 31, 2008

Materials Used:
PPS – Basic Grey, Making Memories; Stickers – Basic Grey, EK Success; Diecuts – Basic Grey, K& Co., MAMBI; Rubons – American Crafts; Flowers – Prima; Buttons – Autumn Leaves; Fibers – Making Memories; Ink – Tsukineko; Pen – Staedtler; Adhesive – Saunders, Zots; Tools – Basic Grey Notch and Die Tool, Crop-a-Dile; EK Success puncher.


Layering, inking, I really got alot of mileage from my BG tool and Crop-A-Dile to make the scalloped edges.

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Donna Espiritu said...

WOw mommy lee love the colors! sweet sweet sweet layout! :)

Donna Espiritu said...
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Nita Ang said...

Such an endearing letter to your two daughters... and the picture of the 3 of you, simply perfect sya for this LO. I love the way you put together your page - the colors, the mood, the layering... everything went well together. Beautiful work on this one, Lee!

CraftFairy said...

I sooooo luv this LO. girly-girly design and colors. Very pretty envelope. I think your girls will find the letter long before it's due. It is right there to peak their curiosity! Great journaling as usual.

Me-anne's Nook said...

Lee, so touchy yung letter, i can imagine your daughters feelings pag nabasa nila to, parang na-imagine ko na sige na nga let's look for another guy instead hehehe-coz mama is right and no need to hurry...napaisip tuloy me kasi 2 years din ang age gap ng mga girls ko hehehe. anyway, this really is so inspiring and touching...naiyak pa ako promise hehehe. congratulations (me-anne thinking of a title now for my letter to my kids too)

Julie said...

What a great concept, Lee. Gave me such a great idea for either our 17th wedding anniversary, or a letter to Santa Claus:-) I love that pic of you and your girl - so sweet!

Ching said...

Lee, that's a lovely layout! Great personal letter for your girls when they reach that stage ! Nice photo taken with healthy mother and daughters relationship !

Sandra Yu said...

Hi Lee, wow, so sweet! It matches the mood of ur LO. Your girls will be surprise to read this in time. This challenge is kinda different..something special to read when the right time comes.

bjay said...

hi, lee!
powerful, powerful words that your girls can live by. I really hope to be able to join in this challenge. and thinking about an idea pa lang makes me wanna cry already! waaaah.

Lee i. said...

Thanks Donna, Nita, Manang, Me-Anne, Julie, Ching, Sandra and Bjay for liking my LO, the journaling and the challenge itself. I can't wait to see your takes on the challenge. I am sure each letter will be very special. Donna - syempre friends talaga tayo. Miss you. Nita, as always, you give me support and encouragement, wag kang magsasawa.

Lee i. said...

Manang, when the girls read the word crush in the title, they giggled. Kahlo said they will never have the same crush. But a few minutes later, I heard Sarah telling her, "let's tell mama we have the same crush so we can open the letter tomorrow." Haha. Silly girls.

Lee i. said...

Me-Anne, we can never fully grasp what the future holds. We can only imagine and try to be ready for each eventuality. Julie and Sandra, yes, great idea to write to our husbands, too. We sometimes forget about the most important man in our lives. Ching, Bjay, can't wait to see your layouts.

zabeth said...

Hi Lee,

Beautiful bright colors. Galing mo talaga salute. Loved your challenge and hope I can do one alam mo naman hirap ako sa grammar.

Roxannee said...

MS Lee I like your colours girl na girl...now it makes me wonder if my boys will have the same crush...ewan lang they have 6 years gap. Ako lang ang common crush nila. LOL.

Donna Espiritu said...
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Donna Espiritu said...

I think you are one of the most sweet and honest person i've ever met :D I like the fact that eventhough we seldom meet face to face, I know you consider me as a friend :) (I hope so para di ako mapahiya sa sinulat ko no? lol!!) You are smart and kalog. Love yah! :)