Monday, April 28, 2008

To HUN, aged 23, to be read on our 7th year together

Khei says, KAYA!

Hidden Journaling:
I love you forever and I kept on believing that someday I will be able to love you more as time goes by. I don't know what to say, because I have a lot. If you ever feel the same as I do, then I would be completely glad for the both of us. Nothing can change my love for you and I will always be the love of your life ... forever. I kept on believing.

I will always put a special spot of you in my heart. No matter where I go, I carry you in me.

I wanted to tell you today how good I feel about us and our future. I enjoyed being with you. It seems that everything we do is even more meaningful because it isn't just for today ... it's for always. You make me feel really happy, and I'll always love making you feel special too.

I'm glad that I can count on you to be there when I need someone to understand, to encourage, reassuring me and I hope you realize you can always count on me too. We share so much of our lives, but it's nice to know that we can still go our own ways now and then and somehow, the more we grow as individuals, the closer we become.

I'm so satisfied with all we have together, and I'm sure that those feelings will last ... that I'll cherish you through a lifetime of beautiful tomorrows. I want you to know how pleased I am to be a part of your life, how much it means to me to know I'll always be in love with you and only you!

My love, my life, my dreams, this is what you mean to me. For seven years now, you have been the motivation behind every breath I take. My whole life ruled by thoughts of you - of us.

The day that I met you was the day my life and thoughts on relationships changed forever. To fall in love with a man who I can just be myself with, who brings out a part of me that I always knew existed but could never find, is just the most amazing feeling I could ever have. The feelings and emotions that you are able to evoke from me are for you alone - a part of me that I want you to have, something that no one else in my life has ever received before.

I have so much to thank you for, so much more yet to give you, so many moments of my life yet to savor with you beside me. You are my love; to me, you ARE love. Hunei, I love you, more than I could ever impart to you with words.

Our 7th anniversary comes with my humble commitment to serve you for life. To give you the joy of a relationship that lets you be yourself, because I know and identify with the human being in you. Sure I don't claim to understand everything that you care about as best as you do, but I will always strive to listen with my heart and reach out for the emotionally complex being in you, to understand how best my life can serve yours and support you fulfilling the purpose for which your life is meant. On our 7th year and beyond, it is with my life and with the life that we hope to create together that I say I love you. By seeking your hand to build a family and pass on the gift of life to our kids ... I say I love you in life and beyond, for eternity. I wish a blissful 7th anniversary and many more to a selfless man with so much integrity and grace and worthy of the true gift of love. I love you, I always will.

Materials Used:
DCWV Brown cs, DCWV Retro Prints patterned pps, Steadler Brown Fineplus pen, RM Paper flower, Prima Esprit Brown flowers, AC thickrs, others: buttons, ricrac, foam alphabets

About ME:
I am Katrina but my friends call me Khei. I am 22 years old, mother to 3 year old Benedict Andrei. I started scrapbooking 3 years ago but I only scrapbook full time last June. I love scrapbooking because it’s my de-stresser and it makes me remember good memories. I can challenge myself to be creative. Feel free to visit my blog:


Candy said...

Great LO, Khei! I'm sure, kataku-takot na iyak ang ginawa mo niyan! Pati si Hun, sigurado, iiyak niyan! Of course, the effect is that he'll love you even more! Congratulations!

CraftFairy said...

How sweet. Heart-felt talaga!

Donna Espiritu said...

great layout khei!