Monday, April 28, 2008

To My Kids, ages 9,5,4,3, to be read when mom finally goes back to work

Cabbie says, KAYA!

A mother's sentiment about going back to work will ache her heart. I have been a certified bum, a stay at home (real stay at HOME ) for 5 years after resigning from the medical world. It has been an incomplete path for me knowing that i should have continued my career. People say this is a waste of opportunity and I often agree with them but when I see the kids with only maids to look after them, I just couldn't swallow my conscience. I know this is imbalance because we have to work to live and we cannot always depend on others for survival or for the future. My mind wants to go back but my body just could not move, call me lazy, call me overprotective or anything but it's really so hard to see them with no good supervision. Maybe in the coming months, I will decide well. May God guide my mind and my conscience. May He bring me courage and the determination to face this adjustment.


Dear kids,

Right now, as you open this tag, Mom made the big decision to work again. I can't always depend on others and so this hard decision of going back again. On my part, this is torture because of the big adjustment we are going to face. I feel so helpless knowing that nobody would be there to look after your needs, your daily school works etc. But I am doing this for you all and for your sake. I know i have to sacrifice and this is so hard for me. I have been with you during your younger years and I think the time has come wherein we all have to make something out for our future. I am not going to live forever you know and so I cannot stay this way. Whatever things I am going to miss doing I utter my sincere apology. Whatever stuffs I am going to miss like school orientations or programs, I whisper my sorries. Please remember that this is for your good and advantage. I really have qualms of going back but there is no choice. Be good boys always. Mom loves you all very much!

materials used:

dcwv cs; daisy d fabric flowers; autumn leaves buttons; pebeo paints; MM travel tag; stamping up heat and stick; leeho glitters; sepia accents; AC thickers; stickles; heidie swapp mask; rangers distress inks and blending foam

techniques used:

masking; heat embossing with glitters

about me:

i am cabbie lopez, 35, sahm to 4 boys. co-mod for pinoyscrapbookers and current dt members for scrapbookshawaii and artzdescrap. active scrapbooker since 2006. more of me and my works at cabbie's inks and altered


Candy said...

Beautiful LO, Cabbie! Love the masking and printing! I also love the delicate colors you chose.

Me-anne's Nook said...

hi cabbie, galing naman nito, mahihirapan talaga ang mga boys mo to accept you going back to work, you seem so hands on to them. great job cabbie, love everything here, idol na idol talga.

Roxannee said...

Hi Cabbie I can feel so much for you, I chose to stop working for the sake of my children, I just came back to work last February (but still not full time) and you don't want to know how many buckets of tears I cried. Don't worry you'll know when you are ready. Take your time. I like the lightness of your layout. Cool to the sight and refreshing like the beach.

CraftFairy said...

Very touching, Cabbie. Your boys are as artistic as you are with sand! Mana sa yo. TFS.

symbelly said...

wow! nice masking cabbie,

makes me wanna try masking too. hehehehehe.

hey kids are important.

there should be a way to make things work for moms to be able to earn a living, take care of kids, and take care of ourselves.

help us God.

Lee i. said...

Love your LO as usual Cabbie, makes me want to try masking and draw in the sand, too (not at the same time and not necessarily in that order). I share your sentiments but I'm sure your boys will understand that going back to work does not mean loving them less or taking care of them less. It will be different but I am sure you and your family will manage because the last years you have given them a very stable and solid foundation. Whatever you decide and whatever happens next, you will know the best recourse.

Donna Espiritu said...

hi idol! ang ganda ng colors dito sa layout mo, i love that masking technique you used here also. and ang cute ng photo! :) so sweet!