Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Cubes

Sheryl says, Kaya!

I've had these photo cubes since the beginning of this year, gathering dust on top of a bookshelf. I've been meaning to make it into well, photo cube frames but had neither time nor inspiration to get started. Candy's challenge however, pushed me into altering it into something else: Christmas tree decors!

(image from handcraftedexpressions' website)

The concept came to me about two weeks after it was announced. I thought it was perfect because I could drill a hole on the top portion of the cube, and hold it in place using the spring like holder for Christmas balls.

First, I gathered the photos to be used: my family, my parents, my siblings and their respective families, my parents-in-law, my grandparents, my sister- and brother-in-law's families. Some cubes have photos on all four sides but most only have two sides. In place of photos, I used Christmas themed-PPS from my scraps stash.

Next, I sprayed copper radiant rain shimmering mist all over the cubes, and let it dry. I have never been so grateful having the copper mist in my stash. Later, you'll see why.

When dry, I adhered the photo and PPS on all four sides of the cubes, took me thirty minutes to do this. Then I inked the edges of the cubes, then applied Ranger Icicle Stickles on top of the inked edges.

Next, I drilled holes on top of the cubes (less than one minute each), and inserted the christmas balls holder from the excess CB decors. :-) and voila!!!

This year I used copper colored Christmas balls to give the tree a much-needed contrast. That's why, I was thankful I also got the same color of shimmering mist in my stash.

Photocubes from handcraftedexpressions
Uhu Glue
Assorted Christmas-themed PPS
Ancient Page Dye-Ink Page
Ranger Icicles Stickles
Assorted Ribbons

About me:
Happy Mama to now happier Lilaa and Maia (ages 3 & 1.5 years old, respectively); wife to my one big love. Rekindled my love affair with Scrapbooking in May 2006. I c0-own and co-manage an online bookstore with a good friend Julie Kelly. I also dabble in freelance writing in my spare time.

I am into books (of various genre), foreign art films with high preference for the classics, and I'm also learning photography one click at a time. Now that I stay at home full -time, I hope to do more good use of my hands.

Virtually, I have moved to my new home here. Though you can always come by here.


the dreamer said...

Sheryl, these are beautiful! Gandang ornament nga naman ang family photos sa tree! Great job. =)


marking said...

Lovely ornaments Sheryl.

Cookie Aguilar said...

wow!! gorgeous!!! love the color of your cube!! very unique ornament!!! great work!

Candy said...

Really great idea, Sheryl!!! And because of the cubes, you can add photos as well! Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

This is really very clever! I love this ornament that you created, She! Good job.

Ng Jules

bjay said...

love the size of these cubes, she! pati yung dimension and view of the photos if you look at it from side to side :)

Freethinker said...

Thank you Gels! :-)

Actually, I hit two birds in one stone with this .After Christmas, I could still use it as a photo frame display in the living room. I just have to add photos to complete all 6 sides. :-) Double purpose, eh :-)

Thank you to Candy, for ENABLING thinking out of the box or should i say: Cubes. ;-)

Merry Christmas, all. Wishing you all a meaningful one. :-)

symbelly said...

Wow these are cool.
way cool.

happy holidays