Friday, December 12, 2008

My P&A Family

Janis says, KAYA!

In these hard times, recycling makes perfect sense. I asked my officemates for coasters (broken CDs) and ribbons (coming from the early gifts of our big bosses ) and then made these for them (simple drilling of the CDs, paper cutting, matting then just adding the twigs and the berries with a glue gun). They were surprised at how beautiful the "scraps" turned out to be (my director even told me to consider going into this kind of business.) I initially made solo shots of us, hopefully I can also include group shots.

Thanks Candy for this challenge.

Materials Used:
Recycled CDs, ribbons, AAS handmade papers, gold twigs and glittered green berries, gold string, gluestick, tacky glue.

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marking said...

Great job altering the CDs into Christmas ornaments. Really nice.

Candy said...

Love this idea, Janis!!! This is really a great take on the Christmas Challenge!

bjay said...

very nice embellies on each ornament. Love the texture you added to it, janis! :)

rowee said...

hi janis! i always love ur creations!

symbelly said...

wow! this is environment friendly art. reuse/recycle. and they are simply beautiful.