Tuesday, December 2, 2008

KAYA 20 - The Christmas Challenge


Christmas is definitely a holiday for the family. So I thought, for my first ever KAYA Challenge, instead of having the standard christmas tree with decor and gifts, why not include your family literally?! This way, your tree literally becomes an ancestral tree where your children can really see and celebrate the lives of their past and present relatives. Children and adults alike will be able to talk about each member of the family since the photo/-s honor each of them. Your tree will be a living family tree this Christmas.

So for your final challenge for year 2008: INCLUDE YOUR FAMILY/ANCESTORS IN YOUR CHRISTMAS TREE/ HOLIDAY DECORATIONS. For those without christmas trees, you can do something similar with any christmas decor, eg. wreath, staircase/curtain swag, table centerpiece, etc.

General Reminders:

1. All entries must include at least 5 photos. These may be individual portraits or group photos. Photos can be of any color or any size. Photos may be current or past, photos of living or deceased relatives. These photos must be part of the decoration (tree, advent wreath, belen/manger scene, stairway decor, etc.) whether they be in the christmas balls, the ribbons, etc. Other extra decorations in the tree/wreath/centerpiece etc. are allowed.

2. For uploading, all projects must have at least 1 group shot on the tree or location of the decor (staircase/wreath, etc); 1 group shot outside the tree or location of decor must be close enough to show all the details. Each uploaded photo should not exceed 300 KB.

3. No journaling is required, but you should have an explanation in the write up as to why you chose to do these holiday decorations of your family. Do include the materials list and techniques you used. I'm sure that your christmas tree/decor will really spark conversations this season, especially amongst the family members.

4. All Family decorations must be new and created in response to the Kaya Challenge.

5. All entries must adhere to the challenge requirements to be eligible to win the RAK.

6. Deadline for sending in your take of the challenge is December 30, 2009 (11:59pm).

Winner of this KAYA 20 Challenge will receive this rak! Hope you can join!!! So go ahead, make your family memories the center of your christmas this year. Good luck and Merry Christmas!

Note: Previous challenge winners for October and November are welcome to share their work but are not eligible for the RAK.


bjay said...

hey, candy! alam mo ba, I was thinking about pix as decor hangs sa xmas tree talaga! kaso... wala kaming xmas tree! wahaha. kasi naman kakalipat lang namin nung march. and I don't think makakapunta pa ako sa divi this month. ayaw ko naman bumili sa malls, diabolical cost! :)

so yeah, will use a different item.

Candy said...

Go for it, Bjay!!! Naisip nga namin na baka walang puno ang iba e, kaya basta kahit na anong holiday decor, puwede na basta may 5 photos. Can't wait to see what you'll come up with.

Lee i. said...

wow...and all i was aspiring for this month was a Christmas family album. Hope to be able to come up with something within the week so I can display it during the holidays. :-)

jonaks said...

wow, candy such a great inspiration. sana makagawa ako.

Mia Castrillo said...

Wala din akong tree altho have been wanting to get one for our house. Maybe wreath nalang ako. I'll see if I still have time to make it. :-)

Issa Virtucio-Lucido said...

Wow Canday, galing ng idea mo sa xmas balls... wish i can do it also! Great xmas idea talaga... will try to make a decor! hope i got the time and inspiration! thanks candy!