Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Christmas Heart Ornaments

Ching says, KAYA!

My husband and I went to Borders book store the other night. I went at the magazine section, while he was looking up some books at the reference section. I was fascinated by several articles in the Sommerset Scrapbook magazine. One such article gave me this idea to make the ornament for my entry on Candy's KAYA 20 Challenge - "The Christmas Challenge"

And I came up with the following:

Materials used:
Christmas fabrics scraps, sewing machine, hand needle, thread, batting, ribbons, lace, Christmas collection ornaments picks, glue, Round plastic display box.

- Cut four pairs of heart shape from different patterns of Christmas fabric scraps.
- Overlap a pair of heart facing the right side; use the sewing machine or
hand needle to sew the edge of the heart leaving 2” open for stuffing.
( Do the same with the rest of the heart)
- Turn on the right side and stuff with small pieces of batting; close the
opening using hand needle. ( Do the same with the rest of the heart)
- Decorate the four stuffed hearts with lace, ribbon and Christmas ornaments picks.
- The photos are then cropped to a circle with a 2 ½” diameter glued to the
display box.
- Place the display box with photo on the center of the heart ornament.

About Me:

My name is Ching, a SAHM to a 16 year old son, married to a wonderful man. We live on the southeast coast of USA. I started scrapbooking in 2004, but like most, I have more supplies than pages, done. I eagerly begun scrapping again when I joined the PinoySrapbookers group on January 2008 and quickly did some albums of layouts for my family. I love to make double layouts with 2 to 4 photos each.


the dreamer said...

Hi, Ching! Ganda-ganda naman nito! Thanks for sharing! May tutorial pa. Merry Christmas to you and your family! =)


marking said...

Wow so nice. With sewing pa.

Chiqui said...

very, very nice!

Anonymous said...

Ang ganda naman!!!! I love your tree also... very unique

symbelly said...

wow. where did you get the round plastic box. interesting.
i love that it looks like a shaker... or are they?


CHING said...

Thank you ladies for the wonderful comments on my projecy. Sewing has been one of my hobbies since I was in grade school. The Christmas tree is a 5 foot pine triple ball tapiary, that we exhibiy year round, I just decorated it with bows for the Christmas season. You're right, Sym, those are shaker boxes that I bought in a Party store.

Hope everyone is having fun and enjoying the exciting New Year !