Monday, December 1, 2008

Magnificent Mayon

Barbie says KAYA!

Whew! The final challenge, what a ride! These pages seemed to resist getting made - the photos were lost, then the newly-developed ones got forgotten overnight at the developing shop. Then the original idea was UGLY. Then the cat stepped in the paint and did his own rendition of the LO. To top it all off, I had holiday baking to do.


Finally, reworked twice, a spread about our 2003 trip to see the Mayon volcano - a trip my siblings and I were not even excited about until we saw the perfect cone rising in the distance.

It may look really simple, but most of the time, that's how my pages look.

You always hear tales of how awesome a place is and think, "Meh. It's just another mountain. But when you get there, you're amazed at how much humbled you are by the beauty before you. And you never forget.

Materials Used:
Reeves acrylic paint, Colorbox chalklets, MM ink pads, K&Co patterned Pape, MM foam stamps

Painting, inking, chalking, paper tearing, stamping

About ME:

I'm Lianne Barbieto, but most people know me as Barbie. 30 years old, life partner to Fire, freelance writer and editor. Finally coming to grips with the fact that my style may be more simple than I'd like it to be.

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