Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Glass Balls

Candy says, KAYA!

I've been meaning to do this since last year. I couldn't find clear glass christmas balls, but was fortunate enough to know of a glassmaker who was able to do them for me.

Inside the glass balls, I placed individual photos of our family members, from our grandparents, to current living relatives. These photos were printed on transparencies. This gave the photos an ethereal touch. I also stamped green vines on the sides of the glass. Although not an original idea, since this came from a reader in a scrapbooking magazine, I decided to extend her idea into having individual photos of our ancestors as well. When these glass balls were placed on a tree, our christmas tree literally became a family tree. All 10 balls are all Galo's ancestors from both sides. I also added him, plus all of my family members, or as much of them as possible. Since I don't have complete photos yet, I intend to add on more of our current family into this tree.

Materials used: glass balls, StazOn olive green, wire ribbon with grapes design, misc. olive ribbon, christmas tree trimming of berries and leaves that were cut and reattached on the christmas ball and ribbon, AAS wires, magic wires for hanging.


Lee i. said...

This is really something else Candy. Love it. And you are right, it is very ethereal and dainty. I am almost afraid to touch it. What a great idea.

the dreamer said...

Candy, I looove your challenge. Pero parol and Christmas party mode muna ako ha. Pagtapos ng party, hope to be able to do this. Hehe.

Ganda-ganda ng mga ideas mo! Alam mo, naghahanap din ako ng glass ball ornaments. Galing naman, nagpagawa ka pa talaga.

Galo is really lucky to have such wonderful memories while growing up. Galing-galing kasi ng mommy to incorporate all these lovely memories in her projects. =)


CraftFairy said...

Wow, Candy! Ang ganda naman! I have clear glass balls which I filled with potpourri para mabango sa Christmas tree. Perhaps it's time to update those balls! TFS

Jenn said...

I remember last year you want to collect as much Prima Bubbles as possible for this. =)

I wanted to come back to scrapbooking this month, kaso we won't be having Christmas tree this year, so I might pass up the challenge. However, I did something like this last year, you can read about it here. I don't know if it's okay to submit an entry that's a year old, so link ko na lang dito. =)

I miss scrapbooking!

peata said...

wow that's awesome.
love the clear ball. great idea.
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Roxannee said...

Ang ganda at ang galing ng idea!!!! Hay sana makasali ako...I bought something off the page for the tree last year hanggang ngayun andun pa din nag iintay matapos.

Marisa said...

Hi Candy,

I generally lurk and admire all the projects and layouts in KAYA, but this project really caught my attention.

Pwedeng pa-lift? I have to hit my Ben Franklin's and grab quite a bit of clear balls and start printing pictures of relatives.

Thanks for the idea! Mmmmmwah!

Candy said...

Yes, sure, Marisa! This isn't an original idea anyway because I lifted this myself from Legacy (Sommerset Memories) myself, from a reader's contribution pa kamo!

Candy said...

Hi, Jenn! Sorry but the challenge has to be something newly made just for the Kaya 20. However, should you want to just add new photos or even change them slightly, puwede na siguro iyon.

Lianne said...

Wow! These are beautiful, Candy!

Mia Castrillo said...

Ganda naman nito!!! I want to make something similar for our Christmas tree pero next year na siguro. Di makakaya ng powers ko for this year. Hehehe! But will try to come up with something. I love your prize eh. Hehehe!