Saturday, December 13, 2008

Snowflake Ornaments

Marian says KAYA!

I actually bought these ornaments a week before Candy's challenge but didnt get to put in the pictures. With all the other holiday preparations still not done I decided not to stress myself and just do this for next year's decor. Thanks to Candy, I found the time to put in the pics to qualify for the challenge. Hope I can fill up all the frames before Christmas.

The most time consuming part of this challenge was selecting pictures and cropping them to fit into a 1.75 inch circle and then cutting them. I also changed the ribbon for hanging into silver cord and adding red and silver ribbon to the top of the ornament.

About ME:
I love to shop for new scrapbook stuff. I have more stuff than I think I can use iin my lifetime. My daughters know this will be part of their inheritance as I think most of my money goes to this craft. Haha. So to justify all this scrap shopping I need to scrap more.


Gracie said...

Beautiful snowflake ornaments Ms. Marian! They look so simple and yet it still has that look of elegance. Great job!

Candy said...

This is really gorgeous, Marian! Where did you find these snowflake frames? GANDA!!!

marking said...

Thanks Gracie.
Thanks Candy.I bought them from a friend who does bazaars. she showed them to me before a bazaar so I got what she had which was 24 pcs. Wala na. every now and then she has stuff from the USA. I think its from Costco

the dreamer said...

Ms. Marian, you always come up with the most beautiful creations. Bilib na bilib na ako dun sa hat sa costume mo nung PS-SE Christmas Party and I didn't think you'd still have the energy to do another amazing project like this one! Ganda! =)


marking said...

Hi Nina, thanks so much for all the positive comments. It was much easier to do kasi not from scratch.

Freethinker said...

Oh wow, this one is simply beautiful! And oozes with elegance. Bagay na bagay sa tree! You have a beautiful family, Ms Marian! I love it!!!

Cookie Aguilar said...

wowowowow!!!! Ms Marian!!! i just love your ornaments!!! i agree with them.. super elegant-looking!! ang ganda ganda and I also love your tree!!!!

bjay said...

love it, tita marian! such FABULOUSNESS :)

symbelly said...

wow. these snow flakes are so Christmas(y) and winter(y).
looks really good on your tree.