Sunday, June 3, 2007

Black and White and Read All Over

Marissa says, Kaya!

Journaling Reads:
(Not necessarily in the order as written on the LO)

I believe in magic and power and love, and in the magic and power OF love.
I believe we are all created equal - you being you and me being myself.
I believe I am here for a great reason. The purpose of which might already have happened, or is already happening; or that my death will trigger the reason for my being.
I believe what goes around, comes around...that I will be treated the same way I treat others.
I believe there is this one molecule in each organic being that makes us all related to one another.
I believe Opportunity has many disguises, so don't think she only knocks once.
I believe there is good in everyone.
I believe in silver linings and that the light at the end of the tunnel does exist.
I believe in angels; that I was one before I was born and I struggle to find my way back to being one again.
I believe in fairies and fairy tales do come true.
I believe the story about FOOTPRINTS ON THE SAND is true! I believe in God! I believe in myself! I believe in you!

Materials Used:
DCWV Black & White Stack PPS; black Bazzill CS; red & white ribbon Michael's
Sweets; 2-sided b&w flowers from Making Memories; scotch foam mounting tape; Zig writer white chalk pen; red glitter gel pen; Paper Shapers scissors #34-0032; black art paper; 10mm Dress It Up red petals.

Techniques Used:
I would have done this in digital but it will take too long to do the swirls so I used some of my traditional supplies as they might be rotting on the shelves! I drew the swirls in pencil first then wrote in my thoughts about my BELIEFS [the word is also handwritten on the petals of the flower at the top of the LO. I crumpled a piece of black art paper and a piece of DCWV black & white floral patterned paper. I used a wood-shaped flower for the flower template and cut two pieces. I outlined the black paper flower with red glitter gel pen and white chalk writer - which didn't turn out as white when I scanned my LO. I colored some of the flowers on another DCWV black & white floral-patterned paper with red glitter gel pen (it's acid free) to sprinkle some red here and there. Printed my picture in b&w, filtered it a bit to make a washed out look using artistic dry brush - (to hide the wrinkles so I will look younger than Lee.)

About ME:
I was in the mood do a traditional layout. It took me 2 hours to finish this one, not counting the hours I stared looking at my supplies deciding which one to use. I found it is easier to make a decision if I take out only what I plan to use - number of pieces - and stick with that. I find that if I bring out too many things it takes me longer to decide. I wanted to add tiny swirls with petals/leaves along side the bigger word swirls but decided against it. I don't want to lose that "white" space so the journaling would still be legible. Although the LO is all about my beliefs, I chose the title Black and White and Read All Over the meaning is two-fold [I'm sure you've already figured it out]: the journaling is written all over the place and I scattered the color red all over the place. Thank you for looking. (


jennifer said...

wow...i love the journaling and i love how it is placed within the layout! i love reading inspirationals! thanks for sharing!

Lee i. said...

Manang, glad you're doing traditional again. And I like the doodles and the journaling. Sa 'yo yata ako nagmana sa pagsusulat eh. :-) I know you taught me to read.

Nita Ang said...

Again, beautiful journaling. Mangalahati lang ako sa talent nyong magkapatid when it comes to journaling, masaya na talaga ako. Truth!

Au Lim said...

wow! hanga ako with the content and how you did that journaling. So brave! ako lang natatakot writng straight on the cardstock. Ito, pinuno mo pa!

C70 said...

Marissa, I really love the way you did your journaling and how you made it part of your page design! Great job!

cabbiejanescrapper said...

wow the doodling of the cs makes the whole layout so personalized... a really good technique to inspire others to do the same thing and create their own pps.

Tin said...

Hi marissa! I think what i love most in your LO is the way you did your journaling and how it frames your lovely pic just right. This LO is really worth the hours :-)

benga said...

creative and heartwarming journaling! galing ng handwriting and swirling =)

Valerie Salmon said...

Amazing journaling in swirls!!!