Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Ella says, KAYA!

Thought this one will be easy but it took me a while to do the LO. The pix was taken and printed last year and is the only pix I have in B&W. Have mixed it with RED because I'm loving this color lately.

First we fall in LOVE

Then we GROW in LOVE

And NOW....

All I wanna do is...

GROW OLD with "U"

Materials Used:
Provo CS, Rouge de Garance PPS, LD Stamp, LD Glitter Glaze, Colorbox inkpad, Sakura & Dong-A Pens, Chpbrd: Gin-X & Maya Road.

Techniques Used:
Handcutting.Tracing patterns, Stamping &Dry Embossing.

About ME:

I am Ella Mendoza-Go. Turning 31 yo next month. Started scrapping june of 2006. Influenced by a family friend but learned about modern scrapbooking thru Pia Lopez. My inspiration is my scrappin' hubby Ariel. I haven't discover my style yet. Trying hard to learn and apply new techniques. Thanks to our e-group for being helpful. (Learn more about Ella at


Au Lim said... sweet! You guys are so in love, bagay yung malaking rose for that theme and it takes centerstage, ang embellishment, yung picture. Cool!

Totoo ba yung tats mo sa likod or Boracay tats yan?...parang gusto ko tuloy magpa "embellish" uli.


Ella said...

Ms. Au,thanks for looking & for the nice comment.

About the Tats, it is just a henna from Puerto G. Burado na nga sya 2day eh. parang gusto ko din magpa-lagay ulit.. hihihi

Lee i. said...

Ay! White nga. Hahaha. Thanks for changing the pic. It really looks better with the true colors. How sweet and romantic naman.