Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Will of the Boy

Cabbie says, KAYA!

After having undergone weeks of scrapping block, I came up with something not in my line. I am not so good with black pattern papers but the challenge of having to scrap something like this gives me sheer pleasure and the force to explore other styles, too. I dont know, but I think challenges are like these...explorations and surprises. This is a picture of my third son Aetom trying to concentrate on something he wanted to do.

Journaling Reads:

The will of the boy is stronger than that of a man. The will of the boy surpasses any emotion. It is the determination within the boy that creates a mysterious force and that force I believe is why the will of the boy could never be compared with that of an adult.

Materials Used:

Rouge de Garance PPS; Basic Grey and Autumn Leaves PPS; foam stamps from MM glittered with white glitters; stickers from Creative Imagination; Colorbox white ink

Techniques Used:

Glitters were sprinkled over diamond glaze and blotted with white ink. Diamond glaze on flowers and leaves. Right lower leaves painted with green MM acrylic and glazed again to alleviate the color of the white leaves into green. Borders were inked with Colorbox white to give a dreamy look on the overall layout.

About ME:

I'm Nathalie Jane Lopez, aka Cabbie in the scrapbooking world. I have 4 boys and am a stay at home mom for 4 years already after having to resign from my training due to family obligation. I love to read books aside from doing crafts. Scrapbooking in real sense came about a year ago and from then on, life was not the same anymore. Scrapbooking made me realize the value of friendship too and that I think is the most important! I love to do minibooks and I love to alter stuff, too! You can visit my blog at www.cabbiejanescrapper.blogspot.com anytime.


Jenn said...

hi cabbie! it's great to see you make traditional layouts again. i missed that. =)

i agree to your journal, it seems that the will of a boy is certainly much stronger than that of an adult.

cabbiejanescrapper said...

ty jen. its true. but really, im not much into this layout i guess. hhehehe. i have to beat the deadline. hahhaha!!! what a challenge you got there, it really challenged me.

Alby said...

Cabbie, I love the dreamy look. Will take note of that technique and I will definitely embark on a hunt for the white colorbox ink!!! Galing!

Nita Ang said...

Love the journaling... isali mo na rin ang picture... at wag kalilimutan ang technique. In other words, lahat gusto ko! :D

Au Lim said...

yey! a trad LO from my inspiration. love that messy thing you did with the very crisp rouge de garance! hahah...distress girl ka talaga...kaya idol kita e! love the way you angle the square and the title...pati combination ng letters...love everything going on in this LO!

cabbiejanescrapper said...

hi there nita, au and alby.. realllllyyyy?? i mean im not that satisfied with the layout kasi nga its some kind of magulo... hahhah.but thanks for your kind words...! really appreciate it.

CraftFairy said...

great LO! Why is it that if it's me trying this style it looks like something one picks out of the trash can? You're just so good with this!

Lee i. said...

Cabbie, congrats. Wala na akong masabi, I think all has been said when your LO was chosen favorite for the month of June. Hats off to you, my friend.