Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Alby says, KAYA!

My friend Tricia shared this picture of her kids Ria and Xavier and I thought it was such a sweet moment for the siblings. I have never scrapped kids before, not having kids of my own yet. Since the photo was taken at close range, I thought it would be perfect for a black and white layout. So I figured this would be a perfect opportunity to join the challenge and scrap a picture of kids, too. It proved to be a challenge since you would normally associate color with kids, but I thought it turned out well even with just a wee bit of color. Hope you like it!

Journaling Reads:
Nothing warms my heart better than seeing the two of you get along and enjoy each other's company.

Supplies Used:
Patterned Papers: Shabby Princess - Splendid-Paisley and Stripes; Solid Paper: Shabby Princess - Splendid-White; Title: Shabby Princess - Urban Kiwi Alphas; Embellishments: Shabby Princess - Vintage Florals-Shabby Overlay and Button Flowers; Splendid-Stitched Border; Brushes: Rhonna Farrer - Cabaret-Vines (from the CD in the Autumn Leaves Designing with Digital book); Mac Font: CK Elsie (Free from Elsie Flannigan's book - 52 Challenges)
Software: Adobe Photoshop CS2

First the photo. I cropped it into a square, then converted it to black and white using Photoshop CS2. I adjusted the brightness and contrast a bit until I achieved the look I want. I added two layers of border stitch on the photo and matted it on white paper. I then added the journaling in 4 different layers which I rotated to "wrap" around the photo. I added shadows for dimension and texture.

All patterned papers were converted to black and white, which I then just layered on top of each other. I added a distressed overlay on the main patterned paper to give it a softer look. I layered some bows on the title to make it more fun. The button flowers were re-colored and re-sized. I added shadows for a three- dimensional look before layering them on the layout. I stamped the brushes to complete the look. :)

About ME
Hi! My name is Alby Laran, the scrap-crazy wife of Ariel. I'm a corporate slave by day and a computer geek at night. On weekends, I am part-domestic goddess, part- paper scrapper. I have been buying scrapbooking stuff and working on an album since 2002 but didn't know anything about acid-free materials until early 2006. In early 2006, I attended my very first scrapping workshop and later got invited to Pinoyscrapbookers. There was no turning back after that.

I enjoy scrapping because it is never routine, and therefore, never boring. Each layout is a different experience. There is an endless list of techniques to try and it is constantly evolving. Most importantly, it allows me to express myself creatively, and to preserve my precious memories. It also reunited me to my old hobby - photography. I am mainly a paper scrapper and it will always be my biggest love. I like that I can touch the layout, feel the texture, open flaps, insert tags, and interact with the art. Recently though, I started to dabble into digital scrapping and I am enjoying it. It allows me to scrap on weekdays when I am away from my paper scrapping supplies and tools.


Lee i. said...

Hi Alby, thanks for joining the challenge. I like how the embellisens seem verD with just sthe slightest hint of a shadow under. And of course, your rundown of the process. makes me want to try to do what you did myself. You make it sound so easy. Great job! (feelin soccer mom hehe).

Alby said...

Thanks Lee! I didn't mean to be so process-oriented but it does appear that I like explaining how things are done. I think I would like to teach scrapping someday - much like what Valerie does. Yes, I want to do that someday. :)

jennifer said...

that's a great thing to do, alby -- sharing the knowledge to others.

what a great photo you used for this layout, i loved how all the elements were combined.

Au Lim said...

alby! pati ikaw digiscapper na rin! you have really gotten good with Photoshop ah...Nice LO!

Alby said...

Thanks everyone!

Jenn, I can't take credit for the photo. I used what my friend gave me, I just converted to black and white and improved the brightness and contrast.

Au, going digital is the only way I can scrap on a day to day basis. But like I said, paper scrapping will always be my favorite.

I've learned a lot over the past few weeks and I am learning even more as I look at other people's work. Pag may nakita akong bago, I try to figure out kung paano nila ginawa. And with PS, people are very helpful. Kaya nga gusto ko magkaroon ng digital EB. :)

C70 said...

What a precious photo! I love what you did with it, Alby! Inggit ako sa inyo mga digital scrappers... you make it look so effortless... hope I can learn it soon! :)

cabbiejanescrapper said...

hi alby. superb layout. the pics are so nice and you can sense the emotion within. i love where you positioned your flowers too!

Donnabelle Bolo - Espiritu said...

hi alby..very sweet of you to scrap a friend's kids :) love how you did the journaling around the photos.. and u really captured the emotions from photo to the whole lo, the sweet and tender love of siblings :)

Alby said...

Hi everyone! Thanks for the kind words. My friend did a great job taking the picture of her kids. That's why I made it the biggest element of the layout. In fact, that's what prompted me to work with this photo. On the placement of the flowers, shhh, may aaminin, ako. Actually, after placing the photo and the title, di ko na alam kung ano gagawin ko sa right portion. Una, I contemplated on putting the photo and title in the middle. Pero parang kulang. After a long time of thinking (as in hours), I decided to fill the right side with flowers. ;D

Tin said...

Alby, your LO is very endearing. Makes me wish I had taken pics such as yours when my son was younger. Iba talaga pag nakikita mo kids mo in such a moment :-) And you have beautiful kids, i love the innocence of your LO too :-) TFS

Alby said...

Hi Tin! Thanks for the comments. I wish I have kids already, but that project is still in the making. God-willing, they will come soon. To practice, I used the photo of my friend's kids. Aren't they adorable? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Alby, glad you texted me on really got my vote..the pix reminded me of my 2 boys which actually.. by some weird chance happen to have almost the same pose as your entry...i'm not much into artdoing but i certainly appreciate when i see one..keep it up!!

hope you win =)