Monday, June 11, 2007


Zabeth says, KAYA!

My friend and I attended the Ready, Set, Scrap last June 3, 2007 at Glorietta for the very first time. I enjoyed so much fun meeting new friends, taking the time to see those busy scrappers, and getting the chance to shop for a very low price at different booths. I was inspired by different people whom I met on their arts and creative LOs they had done. Unexpectedly, I also enjoyed joining the scrapfest sport and it has been challenging. After the event I went back home still thinking what will be my first LO. Surprisingly, I make a simple cut and paste of 4 LOs on the same day and got sleep for a very little time, but I did not mind as long I was very happy doing my scrapping.

With today’s busy schedule there’s little time to keep up with those entire photo. This photo and LO is my first time entry for scrap challenge. I invested my time doing it from 12 midnight up to 3 in the morning. I simply handmade my traditional LO dedicated for my daughter.

Journaling reads:
Grace Kelly Sunflower

Materials/Techniques Used:
PPS - American Crafts and Paper Pizzazz, Art warehouse sticker by Creative Imaginations, Adhesive foam thickers by American Crafts, Sonnets Stickers by Sharon Soneff, Liquid Glue by Tombo Mono, Bic Glue Pen, DN Craft & Scissors, circle punch.

I first cut the patterned paper and thought of a design that will suit the chosen photo. I used the photo taken from Picture Company last 2005 and converted it to black and white and digitally modified the color of the sunflower. I made several circles using the circle punch, designed a garden fence for the background, and then I stuck those foam thickers stickers. LO done!

About ME:
Pharmacist, businesswoman, married to Charles. A working mom with 1 kid - Grace Kelly 2½-years old, September 2006 Enervon Bright Ambassador winner. My hobby includes, cross-stitch, and sewing. I am the latest scrap-addict mom as of June 2007.


CraftFairy said...

Very creative! I love how you placed the sunflower next to the picture. It did not steal the view from the picture, instead it lead the viewer's eyes towards it.

Jenn said...

your daughter is so cute!

Nita Ang said...

Sigurado ka bang newbie ka? You're a natural :D You make it sound so easy, you put me to shame - hehehe. Can't wait to see your other works.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nita,

nakagawa na me marami LO starting June 3 after the scrapsport. Na addict ako up to now still thinking of coming LO. The nice thing akala ko as in cut and paste lang ok na hindi pala I find out that it should use all acid-free and lignin-free para di sayang un gawa. Thanks to my new friend Ms. Joy Lim, Ms. Joanne Yap, Ms. Vivian Uy , Ms. Mitch and Ms. April Lim who teach me and give me an idea on my first scrapping.


Elizabeth Gochuico

Anonymous said...

Dear Jenn,

Thank you for the nice compliment. My daughter is indeed very cute, marami na nagsasabi at nagsabi na mas maganda sa akin.... (hehe)


Elizabeth Gochuico

Anonymous said...

Dear CraftFairy,

At first, I was really having a difficulty on what will be my background. I watched some TV, open my internet to give me an idea. It do help coz it came up to that kind of idea and creativity.


Elizabeth Gochuico

Joy Lim said...

Inaanak ko yan... ang cute noh...
I'm happy for you mare, at least now I had a companion na pagdating sa scrapbooking, before kasi ako lang mag-isa dito. Thank you sa pag-encourage mo sa akin to join ha... See you around.

Joy Lim said...

Ang ganda ng LO mo. Ang galing mo na. Matutuwa si Charles dyan. Nakita na ba niya?

Lee i. said...

Zabeth, yan ba ang newbie? I think your creative talents were just waiting to be unleashed. I can't wait to see what else you come up with. Do continue sharing your works with us.

cabbiejanescrapper said...

hi zabeth, i love the way you emphasize on the flower!!! and your baby is so adorable too. i also love the polka leaves.


Donnabelle Bolo - Espiritu said...

hi zabeth, very creative lo u got here! :) i know how much patience one should have in making her own embellishments :) very cute daughter too! hope to see you soon in one of our ebs :)

zabeth said...

Dear Lee,

I am very thankful for helping me posting my LO. You're very warm person. Nice meeting you.

zabeth said...

Dear Joy,

Si Mare busy person yan.. Buti nalang nalaman ko gumagawa pala ng scrapbook yan. Thank you sa LO at pagsama sakin pumili ng mga PPS Ngayon magkasama na tayo hehe.

zabeth said...

Dear Donabelle,

At first hirap me mag think kc la me idea. It came up to that kind of background i guess God help me to think with it. I'm so happy cutting those pattern, my daughter help me mangulo pero ok din kc she knows what I am doing.

I am thinking to attend the June EB nga. Post ko again paano maka attend. See you!

zabeth said...

Dear CabbieJaneScrapper,

Thank you sa compliment. I really can't say on how I came up to this kind of first LO. God really help me to think of the design. God Bless

Joy Lim said...

Hi Mare,
OO nga blessing in disguise yung pag-ym mo sa akin. Now, we go to CCF together and pati scrapbook magkasama na din tayo. Hope we can convince our fellow barkada to join us din.
See yah

Au Lim said...

hi Zabeth! Your daughter is so cute, bagay na bagay yung bright sunflower na kasing bright ng smile nya. I bet she'll be as pretty as her namesake. And did i mention sunflowers are my favorite flower? Kaya this is a winner in my eyes agad. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Dear Au,

Thank you so much. She is really a bright girl and very cute. I name her for she is Princess Grace Kelly, I am a Queen Elizabeth, Father Prince Charles, we are Royal Family.( hehe )

She loves sunflower and I love it too.

God Bless and Regards,

Tin said...

hi zabeth! Napakaganda naman ng name ng baby mo! And your LO is very eye catching, syempre ang nagdadala is the pic of super cute Grace Kelly :-) tfs!

Anonymous said...

Dear Tin,

Thank you for the warm compliment. Miracle baby ko si Grace and I named her Grace Kelly, Actress and Princess of Monacco.

We also named after those Queen and Prince of England so we decided to name her also Royal to make it complete.


Elizabeth Gochuico

Andy said...

Hi Elizabeth!

Good to see you here, and Grace Kelly is really cute! I like your layout, I guess it was worth the time and effort to produce it. Congratulations! Regards to you and Charles.