Monday, June 18, 2007

Totally Dapper

Tin says, Kaya!

Before I begin, I would like to apologize for the delay being in the core team I forgot my deadline . . . whoops! My bad :-) I've been in a scrapping rut lately, wanting to do as little digital as possible (since that's all I do 24/7) I discovered that going back to digital actually perked up my creative mojo. My son, Joshua, is 6 years old and earlier this year he was asked to be a coin bearer for the first time!

When Tita Janet asked if you could be her coin bearer for her wedding, I immediately said “yes”! I think I was more excited than you. All too often weddings hold images of crying boys holding little pillows as they walked down the aisle with a parent in tow. Being a total stage mother (yes, shame on me!) we practised for weeks how to slowly walk with a pillow. The big day finally came and I totally underestimated you. Despite the fact that your collar and bow tie was a tad tight (”mommy, why are you choking me?!”) and that you began to get antsy waiting for your turn . . . you walked down the aisle totally composed and sat quitely throughout the whole ceremony. And as your name was being called during the introduction of the entourage, you entered the reception hall with both hands in your pocket and a big smile looking TOTALLY DAPPER!

Materials Used:
Software: Adobe Photoshop CS2
Digital Elements: Amy Teets: Pier 49 --- photo stamp, flourishPackScraps Series 1 --- crayon frame/ Michelle Underwood: Anxious --- paper black / Stacy Kluczny: All Over --- button silk, tack black, tack white / Autumn Leaves: Jerri-Summertime --- half circle red, Gina-Sweetie Pie --- tPin / Shabby Princess: Studio Chic--- scalloped border, stitched tags, Sweet Sprinkles --- black stapled ribbon
Font: Arial Narrow, Century Gothic, Ballpark, Eight Fifteen & Dymo Font Invers

Techniques Used:
Digital LO using masking, brushes, text paths and bevels

About ME:
Having finally succumbed to digital scrapping, it doesn't mean that I have totally ditched my traditional LO's. I still love the sticky glue, the fact that I can touch the three dimensional embellys and the creative process of choosing papers, colors and other elements. I'm just glad i've found another medium to scrap with, especially when i'm too lazy to bring all my scrap stuff. All hail the Adobe gods! And yes, I am not ashamed of posting my photo . . . Be forewarned.


Nita Ang said...

HAHAHA... Tin, you crack me up :D Of course I love your LO but your pic at the bottom stole the show! Women like you who are not ashamed to have their pictures taken like yours always amaze me. Kasi nga pangit na mukha ko, I dare not contort it any further... isa pa sabi kasi ng Mama ko, "Hala ka, mahipan ka ng hangin!" Hahahaa... Kidding aside, maganda ka naman kasi, kahit ano gawin mo sa mukha mo, you'll only look endearing. As for me, I'd only end up looking hideous! Ngahahaha.

janujennifer said...

your son is cute...but you're cuter than him! =)

Au Lim said...

wahahahaha! i don't know which is funnier, the story on the LO or the pic of the mommy who made it! bagay sayo...wag ka lang mahihipan ng hangin ah!...hehehhehe...di bale siguro cute ka pa rin even if that happens!

CraftFairy said...

Tin, you make my day(s). Makes me smile everytime I log into this blog. Very humorous journaling and with that picture...! Only you can get away with that! I love how you can put more than two pics in one LO. I am still struggling with that.

Alby said...

Hi Tin! I agree, your son is totally dapper! Haha!

I'm also very curious when you said you are not ashamed of posting your photos. Judging from the picture you posted here, hmmm, I can only imagine what else there is to see. Looking forward to seeing more!!!

Lee i. said...

Tin, agaw-pansin naman yung "about me" photo mo, eh. Pero really dapper LO ha. Wish ko lang, to be able to work with many photos in a 12x12 LO. Parang ang hirap kaya nun.