Sunday, June 3, 2007

Ms. Photogenic

Diane says, KAYA!

I envy my sister for being Ms. Photogenic in every picture she is in. I admire how she professionally poses in pictures. Me? I sometimes look okay in pictures but not most of the time. I have a beautiful angle my husband says. But I cannot pose like that all the time! I don't even know how will I pose beautifully! LOL! Pictures are treasures right? So we must be beautiful in them. And pictures are the most important thing in scrapbooking. We scrapbook because of these. We want to preserve them. This LO is for my sister whom I am proud of. She is beautiful inside and out.

She has the cutest smile and brightest eyes I have ever seen. Pretty girls like you will surely shine and succeed in every step you take.

Materials Used
Polka Dot Patterned Paper by Melissa Bennett, Pink flower, Black polka dot button, Buckled ribbon by Bren Taylor-Boone, Pink button (recolored) by Jessica Bolton, Painted Swirls (recolored) by Michelle Coleman, Font: Marydale, DSP Pollyanna, Actions: High Key Black and White by Holly McCaig.

Techniques Used:
Created in Adobe Photoshop CS2.

About ME:
I am Diane, 23 years old from Bicol, Philippines. I've been married to Jun for 3 years. And a mom to my little angel up in heaven named Huey Dhale and soon to be mom to my little peanut in my tummy. I am a paper and digital scrapbooker. I've been hooked to scrapbooking since May of 2005. I love Photography. Someday I want to have a good camera like Nikon or Canon. I also love to doodle on my LO's. This gives my LO's a personal touch.


CraftFairy said...

Diane, your sister might as well be your twin! You look so much alike [physically]. Pareho kayong maganda! Pretty LO. I love black and white and pink!

jennifer said...

we might have the same "problem," my sister can pretty much do anything and still look great, whereas ako, isang pose lang ata, kasi if i try making faces, ang pangit talaga!

pero siyempre, we are all beautiful.

great layout! i love how the elements are placed

jeng said...

I love ur LO!!!

Lee i. said...

Oo nga, Diane, hawig kayo ng sister mo. Siguro more practice na lang sa posing para hindi self-conscious. I like that the focus of the LO is on the photographs. Nangibabaw si Ms Photogenic sa clutter-free background.

Nita Ang said...

Eto ang digital na mukhang traditional :D You know what I like most sa mga digital LO mo? Workable silang i-convert to traditional. You did good on this one, sistah.

Au Lim said...

what a pretty, pretty layout for a pretty, pretty girl. mukhang nasa genes nyo ang ganda ah!

C70 said...

Ditto what almost everybody said - you and your sister are both beautiful! And what a beautiful page this is!

cabbiejanescrapper said...

diane dear, as always, youre the digital queen! you never fail to amaze me with your creativity and no matter what pics you scrap, they are all beautiful layouts!

Anonymous said...

hi! i know your sister! and she is beautiful. i was shocked to see her here. she's my 'sis' in our organization. haha. nice layout btw!!!!

Tin said...

Hi diane! I swear, akala ko ikaw yung nasa pic! You're sister is very lovely and defenitely photogenic, how I wish i could project quickly :-) a very lovely LO and i love how you accented the pics with the flowers and ribbon. TFS!