Thursday, May 15, 2008

Being single and loving it?

Marix says, KAYA!
Happy Anniversary to Kaya!

This is another challenge for me as I was not born a writer nor a dancer *lol*, nonetheless I didn't bat an eyelash on what to write the moment I saw this challenge. I've been writing about this topic in my blogs so it kind of sunk into me so I was able to write the journaling in 10 minutes. I only had trouble finding a photo, not sure if this fits the theme but it captured my sense of free spirit or something like that (just ignore the flabby belly). Finally I was able to scrap it to remind me of what I currently feel just in case I get married someday *fingers crossed*. I also chose the butterflies, not only because they are pretty *I'm not saying I am hahaha* but because they also symbolizes freedom and fun.

Hidden Journaling:
I'm turning 35 years old this year, still single and very much available. Ever since my elder brother got married 12 years ago I have always been asked with this passe question, "How about you? when are you going to settle down?", year after year whenever I go back home for a vacation, relatives and friends and even my mother kept bugging me about my lovelife. Email after email I start with something like this, "How's life? Me? Still the same, single as ever", I point it out before they even ask. My friends are giving birth one after another, a few of their kids are already in highschool and one of my goddaughter even joked that she'll settle down before me. Darn those kids! *lol* But it's true, with the way my lifestyle is going I think I'm more than half way of being a spinster. I know that your partner in life wouldn't just drop from heaven, I know that I should also be taking intiatives, don't you think I didn't try? My dating days are over... for now, unless of course somebody drop from heaven. *lol* And no, I'm not stopping my friends and family to bug me about my lovelife, it's good to hear that they care about me, I do get affected sometimes, all of us have those sensitive moments right? But for now I'm contented that I'm still single, I may not be always loving it but I'm taking it one day at a time.

SEI, HOTP, MM pp; KI lace cs; MR trinket butterflies; K&CO, Doodlebug, AC letter stickers;

I'm Marix aka Benga currently residing in Singapore but a true blue Pinay, heart and soul! I love to scrap, create cards, alter and do anything crafty. I'm also a bloghopper who constantly looks for inspiration, new techniques, latest trends and even the latest chika in the colorful world of scrapbooking. I'm a co-founder of ScrappersatSG and currently a DT of Scrapdragon. You may visit my blog to know more about me. Thanks!


Alby said...

Thanks for sharing Marix! Hay naku, the pressure never ends. Akala mo when you get married tapos na? There will always be expectations from well-meaning family members and friends. But as you said, concerned lang sila. Keep up the positive attitude and the passion for life. Enjoy being single!!! For now. :)

Candy said...

Gorgeous LO and journal, Marix! Basta, we love you for who you are now. Anything that happens later or doesn't happen later is just supposed to make you even more lovable and important to us. Ingat!

the dreamer said...

Hi, Marix! Wow, I was captivated by your gorgeous layout and, wow, syempre the butterflies. Hehe.

But I also wanted to thank you for being so candid in sharing your thoughts on being single with us.

It's not easy, I know, but as Alby says, the pressure from well-meaning relatives and friends doesn't stop when you're married. Mas nakikialam pa nga sila when you're married na. Hehe.

Keep up with the positive attitude and, yes, enjoy your life and whatever comes. =)


Benga said...

thanks for the warm comments Alby, Candy and Nina

Susie said...

Hi Marix,

I have a good friend in Hk who is 33 and still single too..whenever she goes back home to Phils she hears the same question. One time she is not in a good mood so she answered "I am a lesbian that's why i'm still single" Of course, this is NOT TRUE at all, she's beautiful and wants to sette down someday. She is just fed up answering the same question. We were laughing and assured that she won't hear the same comment that person.

God has a beautiful plan for you. You'll never know what will happen tomorrow. In the meantime enjoy your being single.

Lee i. said...

Hi Marix, love your LO as usual. It feels so carefree. And I think that's what being single is all about (wait until you have a family of your own and sometimes you'd wish yu were single again hehe), so enjoy every minute and every moment of it while you can. And oh yes, never mind the well meaning friends and relatives, concerned lang sila. The problem sometimes with married people is, they want others to be married, too. Para may kadamay sila sa dusa. :-) Great job with the challenge.

Nita Ang said...

Let me tell you one thing, Benga... men, like sex are over-rated. LOL. Having said that, I agree with the kafatirang-may-asawa na sino ba nagsabi sa iyo na pag nag-asawa ka titigil na ang problema at pressures ng mga well-meaning family and friends. So tama yang outlook mo, enjoy life lang whichever stage you are in. Whether it be single-blessedness man or married-and-still-coping.

Love, love, love your LO as always :D (taos puso mula sa iyong tagahanga)

Christine said...

Marix, that is one beautiful page - I love how carefree it is.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts/personal challenge. I'm sure God has a special plan for you.

Oh and congrats on making it to the Scrapdragon DT!

pigmentations said...

marix, parang napapatalon din ako... nakaka-engganyo! :)

ang masasabi ko lang, grin & bear, grin & bear :)

at kapag dumating ang blonde and blue-eyed prince mo, rampa agad! :)

seriously, thanks for sharing this side of you.

CraftFairy said...

Wow, Marix! You sure show how you love being single in your LO. Carefree fun! TFS.

Au Lim said...

nakow Marix! hindi naman sa nagsisi ako pero i often think marriage is overrated! hehehe...i think i'd be just as happy single as i am married. kasi ang dami kong bagay na hindi rin naman magawa because i am married with kids. if i were not, i'd be backpacking the world and taking a taste of all the delicious... there...hehehe...