Thursday, May 1, 2008

KAYA 13 - Scrapbook or make a project on a personal challenge

As scrapbookers, we undergo daily challenges in our lives as mothers, as working women, as individuals. It gets to a point that we sit down and make a scrapbook page or a project because we have something to say and it needs to be documented as a little part of our personal history.

Whether it makes us happy or sad, angry or sentimental, we have these personal challenges that come and go in our lives, which are sometimes not completely under our control. We either sink or swim but, as the saying goes, "Hindi ibibigay ng Diyos 'yan kung hindi mo kaya."

On KAYA's first anniversary month, in KAYA 13, we challenge you to scrapbook or make a project on your most difficult personal challenge. Whether it was circumstances regarding your birth or you are facing a personal crisis right now, we ask you to share it with us.

In KAYA 13, with the topic of your personal challenge, we also challenge you to find a personal symbol that gives you strength. Whether it is a cross for faith or a butterfly that symbolizes a metamorphosis, use a symbol in your layout or project that has helped or is helping you through your personal challenge. It's not necessary to include the explanation in your journaling, just include the explanation in your introductory paragraph before you post your layout on why you like that symbol so much and what inspiration it gives you.

Deadline for KAYA 13 is on May 30, Friday, at 11:59 PM.

What do we learn from sharing our most difficult personal challenges? We learn that every single one of us has to go through something difficult in order to lead the lives we have. We learn what a relief it is to be able to share it and say it out loud and, maybe someday (if not now), we can say, "I survived. I emerged a stronger person because of this." And of course, what better environment to share it than in the warm camaraderie of our fellow Pinoy Scrapbookers, friends we have gotten to know through the past year's KAYA challenges.

We have laughed and cried through the past year as each KAYA challenge has revealed a little bit more of who we are, not just as scrapbookers, but as real people with responsibilities, families and beliefs. With KAYA 13, we hope that we have earned your trust and faith that you can share a topic a little more difficult than usual.

Isang taon na po ang Pinoy Scrapbookers' KAYA Challenge Blog! Happy anniversary to everyone and thank you so much for joining the ride with us all this time! We hope that our friendship becomes stronger and more significant because of what we share here.

We look forward to seeing your creations!


cabbie lopez said...

great challenge there nina.. wow dami ko ata challenge ah.

Lee i. said...

grabe, napapaisip na ako ng husto ah. what did i get myself into? hahaha.