Saturday, May 31, 2008

Give all to love

Me-anne says, KAYA!

As much as possible I would really take time out to join all Kaya Challenges and I don't want to miss the chance.

So here's my take:

Journaling reads:
Words can say so much and that word is LOVE. Whenever I experience rejection and criticism, it all become so empassing because after all, You're there to Love. Even if when the world turn its back against me and sems nobody would understands me... You are there beside me, holding me close, comforting me, giving me the courage and the strength to fight back and see life afterall is beautiful, inspite and despite of. Through the years I have noticed how you've form me and molded me to the kind of person that I am today. I know I'm still a work in progress and I do fail you more often than not...but You're such a loving God and understanding Father. You sought me and cared for me and want what is best for me. I only need to abide and be obedient to Your guidance and to your leading.

Thank you so much Father, I know that everytime I see fresh flowers around, I then know you will help me see and overcome. You my God wll deliver me, for you love me so dearly. Thank you for constantly reminding me of this love that gives all!

Materials used:
Collage Press Grayson Hall collection, SEI, Petaloo, K&Company tag, Noteworthy journaling pad, ribbons, flower, Prima bling, HOTP brad

Hidden journaling

About ME:

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the dreamer said...

Hi, Me-anne! Love the journaling on your layout. Usually, when I write my journaling, it turns out to be a mini-prayer in the end. He does know all and it's always comforting to know that He's there watching over us.

Thanks so much for sharing this! =)


Lee i. said...

Indeed, let us not forget that He is there with us through every joy or challenge. Love those roses and bling, looks real. :-)