Wednesday, May 28, 2008

a messy affair

Christine says, KAYA!
i didn't think i was going to be able to submit a page for this challenge... as i was so challenged by the theme! LOL! I can't think of any serious life challenge that I am currently dealing with (and I hope that I never come face to face with it in the future) and the trivial ones that I do battle with are just that, trivial. I would check the entries every time an announcement about a new post was made and every single time, I lost hope that I was going to be able to make something as spectacular as the ones already posted. I speak about the type of challenge as well as the fab pages posted.

Not wanting to cop out on yet another KAYA challenge again though (yes, I couldn't do the digital kaya challenge, sorry), I just simply opted for the road less travelled... yes, I decided on a more light-hearted fare (maybe this would spur others who have not yet submitted their pages to document a less complicated challenge if indeed, there is such a thing. of course, that's wishful thinking on my part! ha! well, as they say, a challenge is still a challenge, right? whoever said it had to be about anything serious? hahaha

I was going to add this quote, but I couldn't find a "space" for it, hahaha:
"If a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind, what is the significance of a clean desk?" - Laurence Peter

the clean/linear style used for this page is my allusion to my hope that I can someday live a more simple, clutter-free lifestyle. i just know it's never too late

i am such a pack rat i can never bring myself to purge my stuff. ack! i hope to have the courage to just LET GO especially since I so love the clutter-free lifestyle. PS. this mess is my maid's doing though =)

Materials Used:
kraft cardstock, Hambly screen print, punchinella, staple wires, fontwerks and ma vinci stamps, stazon ink, zig pen, Jenni Bowlin label sticker

Techniques Used:

About ME:
Married, with 2 kids - DD 8 and DS 5, part-time lecturer on restaurant operations. (Learn more about Christine at


Lee i. said...

CV, oh wow you're messier than me. And right, blame it on the poor maid. Hahaha. Love the Hambly screen print and stamping to connote mess.

the dreamer said...

Christine kapatid! Ay naku, can relate ako. I try to purge most of the stuff I don't need anymore but some things, out of sentimental reasons, I just can't let go of. My husband, me and Matt each have a huge plastic box of mementos and random stuff we can't throw away and then some. Good luck sa akin pano namin aayusin sa maliit na condo pag lipat namin next year.

Maraming salamat at napaunlakan mo ako sa challenge. =) Love the Hambly and punchinella. Also love the dichotomy nung messy/clean. =)


CraftFairy said...

Christine - me too...I am a pack rat. Lots of mementos - kids' school work, tickets to movies, greeting cards, you name it! Thank goodness for scanners! Now I scan as I get them. Those I want to keep I still have. At least 75% is scanned and thrown away.

I always love the clean simple lines of your LO. Even if it's about kalat, hindi makalat sa mata. TFS.

pigmentations said...

now I feel much better - may kasinggulo pala ako! my room's still in a perpetual mess - di pa bumabalik ang pintor :(

very nice LO, CV.

cabbie lopez said...

even if its a mess, there is still inspiration there..!!!

Au Lim said... take the words of wisdom a bit further...therefore, if my desk is dirty, does that mean that my mind is...? hmmm.... :-D

Candy said...

Hehehe! CV, hindi ka nag-iisa! Since joining you guys here, I became a pack-rat as well! My desk is also full, so when I need to scrap, I just puch the stuff that's on it! Messy desk, buti na lang, does not create a messy LO! lol!