Saturday, May 31, 2008

Wings to Fly

Cel says, KAYA!

I thought about the theme real hard. I wasn't sure what to write for my journaling. Seeing all the other challenge entries, I thought, hey the hardest challenge in my life didn't seem that hard at all! But what I did value experiencing this challenge was the reason and the life lesson{s} I learned from it. So here goes...

Journaling reads:
And flew I did. Graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy was my ticket towards becoming a CPA. A profession my dad wasn’t able to achieve during his time. I almost didn’t graduate with this degree because I didn’t pass the qualifying exams at my old school during my sophomore year. I was a working student then and barely had time to study because of my 3pm to 10pm shift everyday including weekends. Flunking that exam was a major deal-breaker. I did not only fail myself, but I failed my Mom, who worked so hard just for me to get in to a good school. During that time, I thought the whole world is against me. I often ask why did that had to happen to me. I cried for days not knowing what to do next.

Looking back now, I am always thankful that, instead of shifting to another course at the same school, I continued on with my dream of becoming a CPA and transferred to PSBA. And now I am so thankful to my alma mater for accepting me. And I’m thankful to Ivan for never judging me and always encouraged me to follow my dream. I could still remember how my Mom shouted when I told her the good news, that I passed the board exams. I felt that day how she is so proud of me.

That challenge has taught me a lot of things in life. I learned that EVERYTHING HAS ITS REASONS. And that your family and those who truly care for you will never leave you or criticize you. That you should really know what you want in life and do everything to achieve it even it means you have to be hurt along the way. That through hard work and determination, you can achieve your dreams. And then you can now spread your wings and fly high.

Materials used:
CS (DCWV), PP (Love, Elsie), Bazzill edges, Creative Imagination paper ribbon, Prima flowers, Brads (Queen & Co., Doodlebug, All about scrapbooking), AC Thickers, Colorbox ink, Cat's Life Press stamp, others (bling, alpha stamps, butterfly-freebie from The Yellow Violet House).

About ME:
I am a senior associate in a public accounting firm. I became addicted to this hobby in 2007. Most of my layouts are about my friends, family, and me and bf of more than 10 years, Ivan. I am also very interested in photography and plan to join a beginners class in the near future. I hope I'd get to know you all and attend the EBs hopefully if it's close to Quezon City. Do visit me at my blog: Do visit me at my blog:


the dreamer said...

Cel, naiinggit ako that your family are so supportive. When I was unable to finish my Masters due to personal reasons, I think until now my family has never quite gotten over it. You're so lucky that you were able to maximize the u-turn that you were provided and make a success of it! =)

Thanks so much at napaunlakan mo ako sa challenge na to. Love your layout! =)


Lee i. said...

Cel, you are living proof that challenges can be overcome. Thanks for sharing. Love the paper ribbons you used in your LO.

jeanie nieva said...

wow cel!i'm happy that you didn't let that setback stop you from going for your dream. wish you more success on your work.:)

Sandra Yu said...

cel! lovely layout and inspiring ha.. thanks for sharing your story=)

scrapgurl said...

grabe thanks so much for your comments!!! I'm just glad I was able to share this with everyone. And that I was able to inspire too. =)