Sunday, May 25, 2008

Life Happens

Lee says, KAYA!

The first thing that came to mind when I was thinking of a title was S**t Happens, but I didn't think it's appropriate for a scrapbook my grade school KiDS have access to. But still, the sentiment is there - things happen in our lives that may be unexpected, unwanted, unwelcome, but we have to accept it. Just because life happens. And one negative thing is not going to stop the world from turning.

Which brings me to the symbols I used in this layout. I started with a photo of my wedding rings and DH and my clasped hands, to symbolize that whatever happens, we are in this together. That we can draw support from each other and that since we got married, we are like two entwined circles, never knowing where the other ends and where the other begins. So his challenges are my challenges, his happiness, my happiness, and vise-versa. I will also be trite and say that life is like a circle. Gulong ng palad kumbaga (hmmm....maybe that's a more appropriate title). One moment you are down and the next you are up. Because life evolves, and this trying moment too shall past.

We have been married 10 years and I think we are facing our biggest challenge yet. Life has thrown us a huge curve-ball, and you, as the oldest son in your family have to deal with most of it. Sometimes I resent that our plans for our own family have to take a back-seat. Still, I try to be understanding and supportive. Because that is what I promised you when we got married. I know that we will be able to get through this as long as we continue to have faith - in love, in each other, and in God. Life happens. So let's deal! Things can only get better. 3/22/08

"Every day is a winding road, we get a little bit closer to feeling fine." - Sheryl Crow (I love this song!)

CS - Fabriano; PPS - My Mind's Eye; Chipboards - Heidi Swapp, Colorbok; Paint - Pebeo, LuminArte; Quote - Deja Views; Adhesives - Saunders; Pen - Uni Ball.

I made our hands pop through photoshop. I also used Coluzzle circle templates to cut the outer part of the circle. After adhering the cut-out PPS to the circle chipboards, I cut the inner outline with a cutter. (The measurements of the templates and the chipboards are not the same.) I sprayed gold Radiant Rain on the black CS for texture.

About ME:
Sometimes I wish I were an ostrich and bury my head in the sand. But life will continue to happen regardless, so I just face it head-on and try to make things go my way. It's not easy, but whoever said life is? We could just pray and work hard. Speaking of which, I just started working full-time again, so wish me luck. I hope I will still have time to scrap. :-)


jeanie nieva said...

hi lee!i like your symbol and the picture. i hope that whatever setback you and your family are experiencing right now will only make you stronger and closer as a family. good luck with your entry. :)

the dreamer said...

Hi, kapatid. I know how tough it is dealing with family situations. I learned the hard way how even tougher it is to deal with in-laws. Still, we're lucky since we have wonderful husbands and we can only give back the utmost love and understanding, knowing that they'd do the same had the situation been reversed.

Kapatid, working full-time ka na pala. Iniwan mo na ang kapisanan natin ng mga stay-at-home moms.

Kahit na naiinggit ako, knowing naman kasi that a brain as sharp as yours needs to be used (mine, alas, isn't as sharp), I wish you the best of luck and happiness in your future endeavors. And please lang, wag mong kakalimutan ang kaibigan mong makulit magyaya ng EB pero palagi late. Hehe.

Love yah,

Nita Ang said...

Love your message, Lee. The symbolisms and circles you used in your LO really ties everything together.

Donna Espiritu said...

hi mommy lee, simply beautiful...
whatever you and your hubby are going through right now, i know malalagpasan nyo yan :)

and yes life happens, so roll and deal! :)

Christine said...

Lee, thank you for sharing your personal trial - I know it isn't easy to have to compromise with the in-laws (that's what i read between the lines) but like you said, i know things will come to pass... and you will overcome.

Beautiful, creative LO!

CraftFairy said...

Hey, Lee... hand-in-hand, side-by-side, through sick and sin (^.^). Another great LO. Bring your album/s with you when you come visit. I want to drool all over them!

pigmentations said...

and this too shall pass!!!

ikaw pa lee, kulang na lang sitsitan mo si ding, at sumigaw ka ng darna!

seriously, your DH is lucky to have you. thanks for sharing with us the current turbulence in the homefront.

Au Lim said...

love the graphic look! at naku, nasabi ko na ito dati...ang ganda talaga ng kamay...nyo ni papa toym...hehe...basta! at yang curve-ball na yan, i'm sure pag napalo nyo yan ng bat nyo, out of the park pa yan! kaw pah!

Lee i. said...

Thanks for all your comments and well-wishes friends. Hope they come to pass. :-)