Friday, May 30, 2008

The Weighing Game

Bjay says, KAYA!

I am still reeling from my experience writing my Kaya12 journaling. I really think I did a text heavy entry (yeah, obvious naman!) that's why I'll go light this time. And by light, I meant using a piece of a feather as my symbol - pun intended.

Journaling reads:
With age, gravity will begin pulling from every corner. And weight gain knows no truce. Plain vanity won't be enough to stop both.

I have decided long ago to embrace the imminent, and just concentrate on the beauty and lightness of my being.

Materials used:
All papers are from Collage Press (Seeds, Fresh & Citrus), Hambly overlay, Prima swirl bling, Cloud9 alpha stickers, Jenni Bowlin journal pad, Staedler pen, Colorbox ink, mesh


Handcutting, "recolouring" of the feather's spine.

About ME:
I have got to stop posing like this. But I can't. It's way too much fun!


the dreamer said...

Hi, Bjay! Love the journaling/sentiment and, yep, I should listen to this and apply it for my own life. But, seriously, I do need to lose weight for health reasons. *sigh*

Anyway, just wanted to thank you at napaunlakan mo ako sa challenge. Love your style, girl! =)


CraftFairy said...

love those socks! (^.^)
love the LO more, & with it the journaling, of course!

Lee i. said...

WEIGH too funny!!! Hik-hik-hik. Love your LO, love your journaling and love those socks! But really, the weighing scale is my enemy. Death by chocolate to the scale!!!!

Candy said...

Hahaha! Ikaw talaga! Pinasakit mo na naman ang tiyan ko! Congratulations, girl! Your work deserves to win!

pigmentations said...

uuy, salamat sa inyong lahat, ha? :)

Sandra Yu said...

bjay! congrats. Ganda ng LO mo...nakakarelate ako..i love it talaga idol=)