Wednesday, May 28, 2008

So Like a Dandelion

Marissa says, KAYA

Thanks for the challenge... this is perhaps a side of me nobody knows about.

The Dandelion: very ordinary. So ordinary that people don’t pay attention to its beautiful bright yellow bloom. It is mowed down before it starts blooming; or before its seeds are scattered by the wind. It struggles to grow in corners and crevices; in the shade, trying to be inconspicuous; among the beautiful flowers trying to compete for attention.

I am like one; always struggling to prove myself. I struggle for people to consider my suggestions and ideas; for people to believe I have the knowledge and the expertise. Most of the time my ideas are squished before they bloom into extraordinary things. Sometimes I wonder - is it ME and the way I present myself? Is it my age? the color of my skin? not having a title after my name?

I grow in the shade comfortable of being an observer. I am friendly but painfully quiet and shy. I overcome these personal struggles in writing. I am smart and witty, giving and forgiving. I make people laugh...and cry.

I am like the dandelion - unnoticed...full of knowledge that is blown into the wind shared with everyone who'll take the time to listen.

elegant swirl from [v.vv] Framboise mini-kit; bow by Schnecki; frames by Supersuzi; bracket by Mandy Mystique Designs; purple tie by July [Pathwork kit]; Lauren Faczan, Amy Brever/The Polka Dot Plum, 2008: background paper, lined note paper; stapler, bow; Font: Mistral; Program used: Adobe CS3ext.
Dandelion seeds flying into air pic from;
dandelion clock pic from;
dandelion close-up from ermann-uwe;
dandelion pic by tree-by CraftFairy1;

Technique used: layering, re-sizing, re-coloring, drop shadows

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Freethinker said...

beautiful sentiments! and so articulate! I wish that the people around you would finally realize how extraordinary you really are...

thanks for sharing!

Christine said...

well-written, Marissa! thank you for being so candid about your personal challenge - and thanks for sharing! I didn't for once think that you felt that way... and I don't think you have reason to. You are special in your own way. God bless!

Lee i. said...

manang, i never knew you felt that way!!! you are one of the smartest, kindest, artistic and articulate writer i know. i agree with CV. you have no reason to feel that way. great journaling (as usual) and i love the photos and layout, too.

the dreamer said...

I sometimes feel this way too, that much of my opinions are unheard or not paid attention to. But then I realize it was only aggravated when I was surrounded with some of the most self-centered, awful people I'd ever met, namely my former co-workers.

Manang Marissa, you are surrounded by friends who love and adore you here. And we will always be here to listen to you vent or just share your thoughts.

Maraming salamat at pinagbigyan mo ako sa challenge. =)


Anonymous said...

ooh, love the twist in here. the girls said everything I would've said myself :)

CraftFairy said...

Thanks for the kind comments. It's just frustrating sometimes. Something has to happen first before they believe. And how quickly they forget.

Au Lim said...

oh!...but i like dandelions! because they are very pretty WEEDS. and i like weeds because they are strong and hardy and flourishes everywhere even when mowed down. Most importantly, most weeds are medicinal too!...

judging from the little i know about and read from you, this is probably an apt comparison for you :-D cheers!