Friday, May 30, 2008

In time

Donna says, Kaya!
I thought I'd never make it!!! :D
Anyways, my layout is a "bit lighter" than the previous entries. It's about having a husband who's an overseas worker AND who's coming home very soon. Even my journaling is much lighter. I don't want to dwell too much on how my husband's distance really affects me. I just see this phase in our married life as a milestone, because so far so good :) And, I'm praying everyday that it stays that way. I used clock to symbolize both our time/distance apart and the waiting for his home-coming :) Thanks for looking! :)

"..we will be together again after quite a long time. everyday that passes by brings us closer to that day. when you left to work abroad, it didn't sink in until a couple of months went by. i never showed how much i was missing you already the day you left. i was even picking a fight while we were on our way to the airport. i guess that was my way to fight off the dreadful loneliness and the fear for you going away to a strange foreign country. i wasn't afraid you'd fool around, i trust you so much it never crossed my mind. i know how much you are sacrifing so we can have a good future. i know too that i am one of those lucky wives to have such a loving and generous husband like you. i am counting the months, the days, the hours that i'd see you and feel your embrace again. no more scheduled chats, no more limited calls. in time, you are coming home dad. i love you so much..."

MistyCato_Inspire Me kit (paper, stitch, brad and tag), LDD_Vintage Retro kit (papers, knotted ribbon, butterfly charm), Barbderksen_Oldwatch. Fonts - Ariala and Century Gothic. Software-PS7

Drop Shadows, Burn tool, Bevel, Paper-tearing technique

About ME:
I am Donna Espiritu, happily married to a very supportive husband :)
Aside from scrapbooking, I also love reading. From Romance to Sci-fi to Mystical or anything in between :) Right now, I'm into collecting Nora Roberts' novels especially her trilogies :D
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Alby said...

Nice layout Donna! And I love the heartfelt journaling. I can sense your excitement as you await your reunion. :D

Anonymous said...

yiiii, kaka-excite uwi na si DH :)

thank you for sharing.

Au Lim said...

awwww...miss mo na sya no...alam mo, i think you're so brave! ako nga, naiwan lang ni hubby ng 2 weeks, iyak ako ng iyak sa gabi :-( di bale para sa future naman yan at para sa mas maraming scrap stuff...heheh :-D ingats!

the dreamer said...

Kapatid! Alam mo naman can relate ako dito pero I'm sure wala pa sa kalingkingan ng tagal ng pagkakahiwalay nyo ni husband yung na-experience ko.

I'm so happy for you that husband is coming home. Wishing you more blessings of love and happiness. =)


Lee i. said...

Uy malapit na mabunti si Donna. Hehehe. (Friend, I hope di ka na-offend.) I'm just saying that I'm excited for you he's finally coming home. I can only imagine yung matagal kayong magkahiwalay na dalawa ano. Continuing challenge yan as long as you live separate lives as he works abroad to secure your future. Next time, sumama ka na! But make sure may scrapbooking dun sa pupuntahan niyo. Hehehe.

Lee i. said...

Love the masculine colors and the clock symbol by the way.

Candy said...

Things do fall into place at the right time, Donna. Your wait is almost over, so goo luck! I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Baka maaumbanan ka na rin ng fertility dust! --- By the way, LOVE your LO. Wish I knew how to do digital work. Inggit ako!