Thursday, May 14, 2009

My job ate it, and Activist

Barbie says, KAYA!

Happy Anniversary to Kaya Challenge Blog!

I never thought I could make a page for this challenge, let alone two. But I had a particularly stressful week and I just HAD to scrap. What better to do than join the Challe

My first page was inspired by the Domo-kun collection my office seatmate kept by her pc. I was almost instantly unpopular that first week, when I caught myself saying "Oh, hey, cool, you have the 'God kills kittens monster'," before I realized that the most popular "God kills a kitten" mantra at the time was... unprofessional. She forgave me, thankfully, and became one of my staunchest friends, who w
eathered many a storm with me at work. This is for you, Kaybee!

I used to have a life, but my job ate it.

Brown fabric from what used to be an eyeglass bag
Prima flowers for the hands
Brown ribbon (generic)
white and red cardstock (generic)
DCWV cardstock, Charteruse
MM Canvas letter stickers, Passport
Really Big Brads

Resist chalking, inking, paper piecing

The second page is something I thought I'd do as part of the album I'd always wanted to make - something about me and my work as an LGBT activist. The journaling is too raw, I think. Even had to cut out some stuff. It came out kinda pretty, though.

I've been a lesbian activist for 16 years. My advocacy began in high school, where teachers tried hard to punish the gay out of me. (Catholic school is not the best place to discover your sexuality.)

Freshman year in college saw me joining CLIC (Can't Live In The Closet) - but not really. I had to wait until I was 18 before I was allowed to join CLIC activities like seminars and discussion groups.

Today I am Reformist in my beliefs, trusting that education and discussion will lead to change. I am a founding member of Lesbian Advocates Philippines, and a member of its Execom. I was also part of the original editorial team of the most successful (so far) LGBT magazine in the country, and I have been part of almost every Pride March.

My activisim is very anti-violence against women (VAW) and youth-oriented.

Canvass cloth, unprimed
MM foam stamps
acrylic paint, classic red
rainbow ribbon
Assorted paper flowers from BJay
DCVW Kraft cardstock
Prima journaling card
colored markers


About me:
Writer, wife, mom to cats, sister, working person, activist, environmentalist, scrapper, friend, entrepreneur, student, teacher. Basically, exhausted but happy.


Scrapbooks Hawaii said...

Hi Barbie, I LOVE your sense of HUMOR and it's wonderful that your layouts show that precious trait of yours! I about died laughing at your first layout. LOL! I can totally relate! :D Your second layout came out to be beautiful, too, just like you! :)

Roxannee said...

Barbie ang galing ng 1st Lay out mo!!! Your second one is so brave..I admire you for that! An excellent way to express your feelings and release your stress!

Barbie said...

Thanks, Marisa and Roxanne! :)

Marisa, I have the habit of being too serious, so humor is always a good break, hehe.

Roxanne, super stress relief talaga ang scrapping... baka nasiraan na ako without it. :)