Saturday, July 28, 2007

Big Bad Mama

Lee says, KAYA!

This challenge really got me stamped! I have used stamps to make titles before, but for some reason, this challenge had me wanting to do more. I think I over-exerted myself. :-)

This layout was inspired by Panjee Gonzales' article about being a mom which I read at Leir's blog.

Journaling (on tags):
Check that KiDS have healthy "baon"
Read PATECON notes re schoolwork
Remember to check homeworks
Supervise KiDS' meals
Referee quarrels/fights
Have lots of patience
Clean up/listen up
???put the KiDS up for adoption

WANT To-Do-List
Read books for grown-ups
Computer (blog/surf)

It's not easy to be a SAHM. You are on call 24 hours a day. It is particularly hard now that my yaya decided to take a permanent vacation. I have a long list of "things to do" for my DH and 3 KiDS everyday. But sometimes I forget and the entire household runs amok. Many times I lose it. I become upset...mad. I lose my patience. I raise my voice. I turn into a bad mama. And when that happens. I don't like myself at all.

Materials Used:
Papers - Basic Grey Sublime Collection; Stamps for title - Making Memories Mixed Font foam stamps; MM acrylic paint - Espresso; Stamp on photo - Autumn Leaves "Invent Yourself It's Up To You"; Stamp on paragraph - Making Memories Magnetic Alphabet; unknown tags.

Paper tearing, lots of stamping. And lots of mistakes. It's not easy to stamp letters or words. Sometimes they come out baligtad. So to make sure, I end up stamping on scratch paper first.

About ME:
Will update this part later, right now, I have to rush to CCP cause my DH wants to watch Pisay. Now showing at the Cinemalaya 2007 Festival. See? I am a good wife. :-)


the dreamer said...

Yehey! So tapos na yung scrapping slump mo?

I love this, Lee! You always force me to take a look at old supplies with new eyes. I would never have imagined that you'd be able to create such a spectacular layout in such a simple yet effective way! Galing!


P.S. Pisay!!! Kulitin kita kamusta ha.

leira said...

love this LO.. i can totally relate.. galing ng pagkagawa talaga.very creative!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lee,

Wow this is nice and I really amaze to your LO, very unique and the colors are pretty nice, perfect blend.

Elizabeth Gochuico

cabbiejanescrapper said...

you should see this layout in personal, maganda na dito sa website, mas maganda pa siya in actual. i love how the word stamps blended with your paper. ganda ng concept mo! lagi naman lee e.

CraftFairy said...

Great LO, Lee! I didn't recognize it's yours until I saw the word "KiDS". Love the stamped journal. I thought it was part of the paper design! Don't all mamas go through this?

Au Lim said...

Ang cool grabe! love the funny pic and the content...hahaha...i think ito na ngayon ang fave LO ko by you. Ganyan ba talaga pag iniipon ang creative juices? :-D

Tin said...

Love the pic!!! Sabi ko pa ng una, sino ito??!!! As always an offbeat LO, totally different and i totally love it!!! Oo nga, tama si Au . . . pa ipon ipon ka pa diyan eh umaapaw naman! TFS!!!