Tuesday, January 29, 2008

3 Wishes from the Heart

Rianne says, KAYA!

It's my first time to submit an LO! Good thing there was an extension and I had a little extra time today. I can't help but feel that the LO feels so sophomoric compared the artistic stuff posted here, but this is me, simple and straightforward, with just a little embellishment. And it was really such a reward just to finish it! It was so hard because I hate having my solo picture taken, it was so hard to find one.

For 2008:
1. A meaningful and beautiful wedding
2. Successful treatment for ((sorry I have to blur this out))
3. To finally finish the heritage album

Materials Used:
Laura's Pocket papers, stitching, and alpha, from Debbie Fisher; Peppermint Creative decorative corner; Vintage Artistry metal embellishment; Dream Orphans, French Script and BudNull fonts downloaded from the web

Techniques Used:
Layering, drop shadows, airbrush, color replacement

About ME:
Hi, I'm Rianne, I work as an analyst and part-time as a writer, and I'm finally getting married this year (after "A Very Long Engagement")! I started scrapbooking in some form in college, although I didn't know about acid-free stuff. It wasn't until a couple of years ago when my friend made me a mini-book gift when I left my former office that I got interested because the acid-free papers were really cute. Right now I'm dabbling in digital scrapbooking since I spend so much time in front of the computer anyway--and most of our pictures are only in digital form. Still, that doesn't stop me from hoarding! I hope to become more active here and in the mailing list, all while doing wedding preps! I'm at http://casualscrapper.blogspot.com and we are at http://wavewedding08.weddingannouncer.com.

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