Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Contemplating on my 3 Wishes for 2008

Au says, KAYA!

hahaha...ok, take 2...good thing this was a digi LO or i might not have time to edit. i forgot that i should use a black/white photo. i submitted one with a colored photo which i like better so i am putting it here just for exposure...hehehe...officially, my entry is the big one below.

i do believe wishes can come true especially if we take steps to make them a reality. creative visualization, as one can call this particular Kaya challenge is definitely a small yet significant step towards it. i was quite enthusiatic about making an entry for my wishes. the most difficult part was trimming them down to 3...and finding the time to do the layout. luckily, there's digital. so here is one of my rare attempts at it.

Find the time to exercise so i can get fit and healthier
- i wanna be able to do yoga regularly
Be able to drive my own car
- i must have the means to buy my dream SUV even if pre-owned
Find the time and space to be more in touch with my spiritual life
- i need to get back to doing my daily meditation and practice

Materials/Techniques used:
Adobe Photoshop CS2, various freebie digital kits: Tia Bennett Spring Time Fever stamp frame, Michelle Coleman (Scrapartist.com) Fall Splendor kit, Shabby Princess Sweet Serenity alphabets, fonts: Facelift, Dead Postman Typewriter, Hannibal Lecter

Since i had to re-edit to make the photo B/W and it does not match the papers, i made the photo layer even more transparent so the paper below will show thru. Opacity controls is at 30%

About Me:
Au Lim : I don't really consider myself a digital scrapbooker. Being one to be in front of the computer all day due to work and some leisure, the thought of scrapping digitally is not very appealing to me. I like the feel of touching real paper then cutting and glueing them down. However, with the new generation of hybrid products and scrapbookers cropping up, i can't help but be drawn to it. The new digital products that now match real paper and embellies are oh so lovely. Couple that with a quicker way to respond to challenges like these makes for a better case to spend more time in front of my trusty computer. If you have the time, please visit me at auscraps.blogspot.com and auwashere.blogspot.com. I also currently design for the first kit club in the Philippines, Studio Azul. Yup, life is cool.


www.bookoto.com said...

Wow, Au, this is very gorgeous. I like vintage art, and this is by far one of your most striking LO's. So cooool!! I too, need to go back to doing regular yoga:-)


Me-anne's Nook said...

wow naman parang di ko na ito ma-dig! it's as if im looking a painting inside an art galery- galing-absolutely stunning! wtg au! galing mo mag digital scrapbooking!

zabeth said...

HI Au,

Ganda mo rin gumawa ng digital galing loved those vintage style and colors. Paturo~!

cosette said...

hey au! colored or black n white, super ganda ng LO mo. :)

Donna Espiritu said...

hi mod au!!

ang galing mo, trad or digi, walang kupas!! :) really love your style.. galing this lo!!

Donna Espiritu said...

hi mod au!!

ang galing mo, trad or digi, walang kupas!! :) really love your style.. galing this lo!!

Candy said...

AUUUU!!! Lumuwa ang mga mata ko! Grabe sa ganda! Yeah, I like the colored one also, pero maganda rin iyung B&W! Wow, bilib talaga at wa na ma-say.

Joyleen Dianne Co Lim said...

Grabe! Ang ganda-ganda. Speechless!

Rianne said...

Gorgeous indeed! Truly a work of art.