Monday, January 14, 2008

I wish I may, I wish I might ...

... have the wish I have tonight!

Hanna says, KAYA!

I’m back with my first digital layout for 2008! I have more wishes but I had fun making these ones as specific as possible.


3 Wishes for 2008

To de-clutter our bedroom and finally have a special space for my kutkots.

To organize all my journals, blog entries and photos from my 2007 trip into a publish-worthy compilation.

To be able to have a long vacation with my husband so we can get pregnant and give birth to twins before Christmas!

Paper from Get Lucky! Kit by Marie from, falling star doodle by Angie Briggs, CK Script font, brushed on stars using Photoshop CS

Hi my name is Hanna, 25 years old, married but no kids yet. I am still recovering from a 6-month break from scrapbooking ( I am currently busy with de-cluttering our room, locating my scrap stuff, and hunting for a job that will put my creativity and love for writing into good use. Some layouts here:


Tin said...

Hanna! You're back!!! I'm sure your scrap supplies missed you hehe love your LO, the pic is o carefree! actually lampas na ako sa age limit for Up with People but i'm trying to convince my 17yr old sabi ko pagka grad niya ng college if she wants to join before she starts working :-) i'm sure you're perspective of the world has been greatly influenced by your adventure, can't wait to see you sa EB pa kuwento naman hehe again, welcome back!!!


zabeth said...

Hi Hanna,

Loved those stars Falling stars na as you make your wish..Loved your LO's stunning and the journaling wish and make believe it happen.

JMK said...

I'm very glad to see you back, Hanna. I admire your sense of adventure, openminded approach, and of course your freestyle LO's (they are very stylish). Hope to hear of your travels soon, and perhaps see an entire album?


the dreamer said...

Hi, Hanna! Digital pala ito! Kala ko paper layout. Hehe. Love that vellum!

Yup, definitely since may faling star na sa layout, sana magkatotoo wishes mo! Best wishes for 2008! =)


Donna Espiritu said...

hi hanna!!! good to see u back! :) great layout!!