Tuesday, January 15, 2008

3 Little Wishes, Big Dreams

Marissa says, KAYA!

Who hasn't ever wished they'd win the lottery? Perhaps only the ritzy rich. I have lots of wishes. I wish I had a wishing stone that would grant my every wish [that’s kind of scary, but you know what I mean].

In this LO, I wish to win the big one! I’m sure each one of you one time or another has wished to win the lottery. I say it everyday...manalo na sana tayo sa lotto. I’m surprised to see no one has put it down for this challenge so I went ahead with this fun honest to goodness frankness. If my wishes come true, a lot will benefit from them.

Little Wishes, Big Dreams
1) I wish I'd win the big one. Then I'd be able to grant 3 little wishes to our families and friends; be able to help those who are in dire straits; and have some left overs for me to enjoy. AND IF I DON'T
2) I wish our friends would win the lottery, and hope they'd throw some some of their winnings my way. It would still be like winning the lottery myself! AND IF THEY DON'T
3) I wish someone who really, really needs the money would win the lottery. I would be very happy for them. Then I'd fall back in line and wait for my turn again.

Materials Used: Note paper [ALP Designs Foofaraw]; BG & newspaper strip [AJA Abney Wish Papers] money bags, lotto tickets [downloaded from the internet]; blue pp & swirls [Nana's Attic Rainbow Kit]; Fonts: Vladimir Script, Nemo Nightmares, Maloprism, MaSexy

Techniques used: Digitally created using Adobe Photoshop

About ME:
If I had to voice out my 3 wishes, they would be: (1) Peace & Respect: people getting along with all the other residents on earth and respecting nature as well. At least the animals kill for food and only for defense if provoked. (2) Good health: People minding not only their own health & cleanliness but also that of their surroundings for the sake of the entire earth to hinder global warming. (3) Caring & Sharing: People who are blessed with too much share their blessings with the less fortunate.


Emy said...

Marissa, this is the best ... I wish your dream comes true .. balato dyan ha!

the dreamer said...

Hi, Marissa! What wonderful wishes!

I do a little editing on the side. And I've found that there are a lot of generous people out there who'd love to win the lottery just so they could help out someone in need.

I know if I ever won it, I'd love to give a big portion to my mom and my in-laws.

I do believe it's also a matter of karma. If you've been good, and you really do deserve it, you win. When there are those who don't deserve to win win, I think there karma will hit them harder elsewhere.

Love the collage look of your layout. =)


Candy said...

You are sooo funny! Like your sis! Seriously, I like your 3 wishes. Me? I always wish to win the lotto but I also wish it would be just enough. Although my intention is to give away as much to the less fortunate, I am also not sure I be that magnanimous when greed takes over! Kawawa naman ang dapat makatanggap ng grasya! Hahaha!

Sheryl said...

Oh, I should've written down that wish too hahaha yeah, I also want to win the lotto! :-) But I tend to wait til the pot is really big before making a bet hehehe Maybe that's why I don't win, kasi conditional ang wish ko :-)

Hope your wish come true!!!

Donna Espiritu said...

you have the knack for being sooo funny ate marissa! hehehe

if ever i win, i'd gladly share my blessings to my family, will set up educ funds for ALL the kids in my family and relatives, i will donate a big chunk of money to Kapuso foundatin (im a loyal GMA7 ex-employee lol!!).. and of course, i will share to my friends (mostly in the scrapbooking world coz they're the ones who truly understand my craziness over a piece of paper hehehe) by having a RAK everyday in my blog..like a Cricut, the new crop-a-dile, all the fancy new tools and all those scrapbooking stuff, you name it :D

well, i can dream can't i??

you always make me laugh ate marissa, thank you! :)

in short, I SO LOVE THIS LO!!!!!