Monday, January 7, 2008

3 Wishes

Diane says, KAYA!

It's been a while since I uploaded my entry here. I am so sorry. I am so busy last holiday and right now I am not yet finished cleaning our house because of the reunion party held there. So She kept on bugging me about me owing her a LO for KAYA Challenge this month (hihihihih!) so I made a digital first. I will try to do my paper LO for this challenge. My scrap area is so messy right now and I can't create a LO in a messy environment. I will try to clean it first and do a paper LO for this challenge.

This is my 3 wishes LO and I hope that it will come true by the end of the year. I had FUN doing this LO. Thanks for the Challenge She!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

To be able to finish the interior decoration of our house.
That I will become a mother again this year.
To scrapbook at least 2 paper scrapbooks and 4 digital a week.

Materials Used:
Red Background paper and brown paper by Gina Cabrera, Riveting Ribbon by Natalie Braxton, Gingham Ribbon by Gina Cabrera, Flowers by Paint the Moon Designs, Painted Heart by Michele Coleman, Glitters by Amy Wolf, Hanging Alpha by Mandabean, Ribbon Tie FastenersII by Natalie Braxton, Flourish and Tape Measure from Precious Child Kit by Mandabean & Robin Carlton at Sweet Shoppe Desings, Label by Birgit of Catscraps, Staple by Katie Pertiet, Number 3 by Kate Hadfield, Beautiful Definition by Zoe Pearn, Shmootzy Alpha Stamp by Nancie Rowe Janitz, Crayon brush by Michelle Godin, Font: FG Astrid .

Done in Adobe Photoshop CS2. Drop Shadow. B&W Photo.

About ME:
I am Diane, 24 years old from Bicol, Philippines. I am happily married to Jun for 4 years. Blessed with an angel up in heaven named Huey. He is my inspiration to scrap. I am still on the recovery stage on his passing but I think I am slowly accepting it. I scrapped because of him and I want to continue scrapping for him. To know me more and be updated on my life please visit my blogs A handful of Surprises and My Paper Scraps. Thank you so much!


JMK said...

Another gorgeous picture! Diane, this is a real beauty. You are very artistic!

the dreamer said...

Kapatid! I can't believe all the details you've put in this layout! It reminds me of those layouts in magazines that people can easily convert to paper scrapbooking.

That's what I love about your digital scrapbooking. It's not simple. Super sa detalye and always elegant ang layering and color combination. =)

Miss you!

cabbiejanescrapper said...

diane, galing ng output! i love how you chose your paper and the techniques there! super lovely pa ang colors! ganda ng flowers! very realistic.

zabeth said...

Talented you are. Nice Layout you have here. The flowers look very realistic teach naman how you make it.

diane said...

Thanks sa lahat ng nag comment dito sa LO ko. Lalo tuloy akong ginaganahan mag scrap. hehehehhe!

Zabeth the flowers is from Paint the Moon Designs. Nabili ko yun sa Realistic na talaga sya.

Au Lim said...

wow! Gorgeous! both the scrapper and the page. Ganda nang colors! Don't be surprised if is scraplift this and maybe use some of the techniques here on traditional scrapping ha...galeng! :-D

janujennifer said...

reminds me of CD Muckosky. i am gonna lift this for sure.

Nita Ang said...

Digital ito???!!!! ANG GALENG! I really dig that cris-crossed ribbon design... gagayahin ko talaga yan :D Your digital looked so traditional (ngehehe, ano daw?), ang sarap i-scraplift. Mind-blowing, Diane... really great job!

marjorie said...

ay naku,at first glance dko alam digital pala! kakahiya man,i only found out that it is when i read your description! shame on me!hahaha..great job diane!

Sheryl said...

Di, big hug for you for joining this challenge! Salamat at pinaunlakan mo ang aking abang pakiusap :-)

Great job, dear! Love the intensity of the colors against the B/W of your pretty face. :-) It's definitely an eye candy! Yummy LO!

Tin said...

Diane! Napaka tactile ng digital LO mo parang gusto ko hipo hipoin! oh my, bastos yata dating nun heehee the colors really make everything pop out :-) naku po nangangati nanaman ako mag download ng digital hehe


Benga said...

Ganda nito Diane, really crisp and neat, very realistic ang dating and very pretty photo as well =)

Joyleen Dianne Co Lim said...

I really love your entry. Super!! Ang galing mo!!

Donna Espiritu said...

you are a diva in not just in trad but in digi-scrapping as well. i am looking forward to your "next" digi lo sis ;) again, lovely layout you made for this challenge!

Gaye said...

It was hard to believe na digital ito. Parang if i reach out, i can actually 'feel' those flowers and ribbons! Galeng!