Saturday, January 12, 2008

3 Wishes . . . to Wish to be Remarkable

Tin says KAYA!

Sheryl's challenge got me thinking and helped me realize what I would like to achieve for 2008. One of which is since i've missed so much Kaya LO's that one of my resolutions is to make up for it :-) hehe


There is nothing as common-place as to WISH to be REMARKABLE
--- William Shakespeare

#1: FOCUS: on my kids, to consistently read to Josh, to make sure Ienne is ready for college (boys and all! *gulp*!), focus on my Asanas, and despite of my conked knee to find a sport and stick to it, to finish my online photography course, reinstate family game night and to be organized.

#2: DISCOVER: re-learn old loves like playing the piano, guitar and the drums again, driving AGAIN despite the traffic, explore Bohol and Vietnam, to learn pottery, to ride rapids, to find joy in the simplest and even mundane things.

#3: ENJOY: 2007 seemed so fleeting, I guess because i'm always rushing. This year I have to remember to just stop and enjoy the moment.

Materials Used:
Paper -- WRM Promenade-Dreams, Hambly Chic Circles-Pink, Rusty Pickle Tag Set, Creative Imaginations-Blue Floral
Alphas -- Amer
ican Crafts Hatbox Chipboard, K&Co K-ology Hannah Alphabet, Dymo labels
Stamps -- Bampop Pop Font Numbers
Embellishments -- Darice beads, Art wire, K&Co. Brenda Walton BW Maison Adhesive Rhinestones, assorted ribbons and fibers
Pens and Ink -- Stazon Jet Black, Micron 08 Black, Aqualip Black, Zig Millenium Blue

Techniques Used:
- edited in photoshop; made several copies and layered them one on top of the other
- layered papers
- traced on my background paper with Aqualip and slightly smudged it while it was still wet

About Me:
I'm a single mom of DD 17 and DS 7, the three of us have a weird age gap but then again funny how things work out (i'm 34, do the math :-).

I love the new year, just as much as I love mondays or the day after, it's always a chance to start all over again, to do something good and worthwhile.

Here's to 2008 my dear PSers :-) And speaking of wishes, I hope this year brings an abundance of creativity and endless friendships!


the dreamer said...

Tin, as always, I am in awe of your work! I love all your wishes and how you expounded on three very basic principles.

Yep, here's to living in the moment. 2007 passed by so fast for me too. Maybe because I was busy with the wrong priorities.

Thanks for always being such an inspiration. P.S. LOVE STUDIO AZUL! Yeba! =)


Sheryl said...

Oh what can I say, Tin! Like Nina,am also one of your many fans! You always have a VERY creative take on the challenges! Nice idea on the journaling, too and of course, may you achieve all three! Balitaan mo kami at the end of the year! ;-) Good luck, best wishes!!!

cabbiejanescrapper said...

hi tin i love your freestyle!!! feel so refreshing just by looking at your creative layouts!

zabeth said...

Hi Tin,
Beautiful LO very remarkable..I loved your picture and how you layer it.

Ch said...

Aww, I love your page Tin! :) Cute ng photo, hehehe! :D Go Studio Azul!!

Tin said...

Thanks so much for your comments *blush* :-) My daughter says I look like a dude in my photo! so much for the candor of a 17-year old hehe I'm keeping my fingers crossed that at least by half of the year i've covered 1/3 of my to do list :-)

And super thanks for supporting SA :-) !!!!


Me-anne's Nook said...

Hi Tin, your creativity and style amazes me always! Lagi me na aawestruck- where are these art of juices coming from! simply amazing - heheheh! May the forces be with you and to SA!

Donna Espiritu said...

awesome design!!! ibang klase ka sistah! always looking forward sa los mo u know? kse there's always a twist :) remarkable indeed!

Candy said...

Very beautiful!!! I like what you did with the photograph. So what if your 17-year old doesn't like it, I do!!! Also love the letter cubes. Cuties!