Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Kaya! Nine

It's the new year and I got to issue the challenge this month! I was dilly-dallying because I couldn't make up my mind on the challenge' theme. Among the list of options were:
1.) Resolutions ( after much thought, I realized it's much too passe and too many layouts done on the subject)
2.) New beginnings (new house, new baby, new love etc )
3.) "The year that was"- an introspective layout of 2007

Then it hit me: we need a theme that make us look forward to what the new year brings!
And so, at the last minute I decided that this month's challenge theme would be: THREE WISHES...
1.) Theme: Three Wishes- on a 12x12 layout, title should have "three wishes" as a title or part of a title. The 'wishes' should be very specific, meaning you could say " I wish the US finally sign the Kyoto Protocol", instead of "I wish for a manageable climate change this year". Or something closer to home: you could say "I wish that my best friend and I finally make our peace and let bygones be bygones", instead of "I wish for World Peace." :-)

2.) A single photo of the challenger, 5R in size (can be a close-up, medium or long shot as long as the challenger is alone in the photo) ; should be in Black/White.

3.) The 'wishes' could be hidden or open to the reading public, the choice is yours.

4.) All other styles, elements, materials, techniques are applicable, as long as the key elements above are prominently displayed on the layout.

5.) The challengers are also encouraged, but not required, to go back to this layout at the end of the year and tick-off the ones that were granted. The one with most or all wishes fulfilled gets a RAK from me :-) In case of a tie, I will consider the challenger who has more difficulty in fulfilling her wishes. The process and circumstances should be put in detailed writing, including the hindrances etc.

6.) Belated announcement: Deadline of submissions is on January 29 2008, 11:59 PM, Philippine time. Voting for favorite Kaya 9 layout is on January 30-31, 2008.

Well, ladies, this should be simple, right? After all, we all wish for something, somebody, someplace...

Let's get the ball rolling!
Happy new year, everyone

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zabeth said...

Yupee! Thank you Sheryl and Lee for for posting it.

Actually , this are the 3 wishes I made for the layout. Make a wish,wish,wish, believe, dream....
1. that to be young and beautiful forever.
2. that to be rich and famous scrapbook maker in the universe.
3. that to be the only winner of all scrapbook competition in the entire

This is difficult wishes for it's didn't happen for the whole year.