Monday, January 14, 2008

Mich's "My [3] Wishes"

Mich says, KAYA!

It was pretty hard to make wishes only for yourself without including my family. I have been interested with this challenge but I really wanted to make a layout about me so that my kids would know who their mom was in those years and dates...including my thoughts and feelings.

It's review time for the kids so while they are doing the seatwork I have given them, I try to squeeze in making a layout. I do not aim to make fabulous layouts because seeing my backlogs gives me a panicky feeling. Another year and it would mean that I have another year backlog. So, I'll go for funky and simple layouts this year.

Here are My {3} Wishes for 2008:
1. To be Healthy ... no hospital confinements
2. To be Techie... to buy a computer, videocam and psp
3. Less scrapbook purchases to achieve wish # 2

I had a hardtime for wish 3. I wanted to put maximum 20k purchases but would I be able to attain that? I mean January palang ngayon eh naka **** na ako. he,he. So once I've bought the 3 things listed in wish 2, that's the time I'll start real shopping for scrapbooking materials.

Technique Used:
Doodling. I am a fun of Elsie F.

Daisy D paper, Bo Bunny paper, Cherry Arte, Thickers, Blings, Rub-on, Sakura Pen

Special thanks for my 2 year old son for taking this photo.
Photo taken: October 6, 2007/ Trinoma/ La Mesa Grill

About ME:
I'm Mich Sonza, married to a very supportive husband - Gilbert; with 2 kids Dominique (4) and Benedict (2). Been scrapping since I was little but just started achival scrapbooking last 2006. Since then I have been addicted to this craft because at least now, I share it with people with the same passion that I have. I have committed myself to restore and document family events. I have disciplined myself to only scrap only when there is a dead time on my hands. Family time is still my priority. So far, everything is just so great!

5 comments: said...

Hi Mich, this is a very pretty LO, and a very cute picture of you. I especiallylike the swirls and the lacey, swirly frame. So cool!!


Tin said...

Hi mich! I agree with Julie, love your pic :-) and parang kilala ko yung mga papers na yan ha hehe i enjoyed looking at your LO kasi very loose and carefree yung pag gawa mo, no fuss :-) and ofcourse, to top it off naaliw ako sa wishes mo. Naku po, ako nga ito i'm preventing myself from going on the online stores sabi ko malamapassana ko lang 1 month na walang ginagastos is a good step hehe hope you have a great year ahead!


the dreamer said...

Hi, Mich! Kaaliw naman 2-year-old mo! Marunong na kumuha ng picture! Hehe. They do learn so fast now no. My son is 3 and he loves taking his own photos kahit na wala lang ang kukuhanan nya. Hehe.

Love the doodling and the bold colors on your layout!

Good luck on your wishes and may they all come true!

P.S. Agree ako kay Tin. Araw-araw inaasar ko sarili ko by looking at the online stores kahit na alam ko hindi na dapat muna ako gumastos. Hehe.


zabeth said...

Nice LO's you have. LOve those doodling in journaling.

Donna Espiritu said...

hi mich! uy galing ng son mo ha, very nice photo, very pretty mama :D

love the contrast of colors in this lo. :) great job!