Friday, October 26, 2007

Color My World

Cookie says, KAYA!

Hello!!! Finally, Here's my LO entry for Kaya 6. Very effective ang pag-ro-roll call. Hihi! (Thanks for heeding the call, Cookie. - Mods)

Materials Used :
DCWV Cardstock, Pilot black pentel pen

About ME:
I'm Cookie C. Aguilar - My first attempt in this craft was roughly two years ago, I stopped after giving birth to Harvey due to mommy duties. All I did for the time being was to scrapshop. I attended last year's scrapfest to buy materials but never produce any LO. Come May of 2007, I've decided to join the May Scrappinmoms Challenge and Joined Pinoy scrapbooker's eb, that was when I began to make Scrapbook Layouts again. Style? well since I consider myself a newbie, I haven't discover my style yet.. I still have a lot to learn but love to layer pps and love the vintage look on some of my LOs. Please do visit my blog :


marjorie said...

wow! the photo provided all the colors that you needed here! And the title is just perfect!

Candy Bonoan-Lagazon said...

Oo nga, Cookie! The photo says it all.