Monday, October 1, 2007

Kaya! 6

Are you up for the next challenge?
Kaya! 6 is as simple as...


Imagine this... You were deserted in an island. You feel disoriented for quite a while and are struggling to remember how you got into that very big island. Then you had a glimpse of a party.. a scrapbooking party! OH! Now you remember!

You were in a cruise with your scrapbooking buddies when a bad storm topsy-turned your ship! Goodness!! You grabbed all your stuff! You hanged on them like they were life savers.. or the other way around?? You are making yourself as THEIR lifesaver! (hee hee)

That was the last thing you remember of that tragedy... but you are lucky to be still alive, you said to yourself. Realizing your situation, your mind set to survivor mode. You are alone and you have no one to turn to for help. You setup a place and you found food too. After making sure you are settled you stopped and remembered your family and friends... you remembered your precious scrapbooking stuff.

Suddenly, a shape caught your eye. You went over the shape and as you get nearer your heart pounded louder and louder.. IT IS ONE OF YOUR SCRAPBOOKING LUGGAGES!! One of those precious expensive luggages!! Maybe this is the thing that saved you?! Or YOU saved it?? (hee hee) You hurriedly took it in your make-shift house and opened your precious luggage carefully. There inside are your scissors, some acid-free pens and markers, cardstocks and an acid-free adhesive! Your preciouse photos are all there safe and sound too!!! You are so thrilled and so happy you wanted to make a layout right there and then! You forgot for a while where you are and the tragic situation at hand..

To be continued...

I know that story sounds too tragic but that's what came to our minds while formulating this challenge :D
So guys, our challenge for you is to make a layout using only the BASIC materials:

1) plain cardstock only (no patterned papers/distressed papers nor kraft papers)
2) hand-written or hand-cut title (no pre-mades, no diecuts, no stickers)
2) hand-written journaling (no typewriter, no computer, no stamping)
3) hand-written or hand-cut journaling (again, no computer fonts, no stickers, no diecuts)
4) can use regular (permanent markers, colored pens) pens to write (no gel pens, no metallic pens)
5) can use crayons, colored pencils, highlighters, and watercolors to color (no acrylic paints, metallic paints)
6) no stamping, no inks
7) no pre-made embellishments. make your own using plain cardstock only.
7) regular adhesives, no pop ups nor mounting tapes

So start scrapping, enjoy and goodluck!


Ri said...

regular adhesives, no pop ups nor mounting tapes

--> just wondering, can we make "faux" pop-ups by using cardstock strips and adhesives? :)

Donnabelle Bolo - Espiritu said...

as much as i want to say yes, sorry dear but no :) it's very easy to say stack up cs strips were used instead of foam or mounting tapes it's not gonna be seen anyways... i hope i dnt sound too strict hahaha :D thanks

Donna Espiritu said...

hi ri... i hope ul not get mad at me or anything but u can use strips of cs to mount elements in ur layout. sorry! :) thanks, please do join!?! :)

Anonymous said...

how about pag tatahi? Ok lang ba? :)- leica

Ri said...

no problem, donna! :D hmmm i hope i can spare some time this long weekend so i can enter my first challenge!

Donna Espiritu said...

hi leica, yes but no threads :D either use faux stitching or use CS strips to mimic stitching? :D

hi ri, thanks! please do join ha! :)

Anonymous said...

coolness. :D- leica