Friday, October 26, 2007


Mich says, KAYA!

I did not have any intentions of making this lay-out when I made it. Work was just so unbelievable and my doctor has advised me to take things easy and to sleep early. My parents even took the kids for an overnight just so that I could have a proper sleep but since I have been used of staying awake until the wee hours, I entertained myself and did some doodling and coloring and ended up with this Schunga Sisters lay-out. Schunga is the name of my group back when we were in college. The word schunga to us just means so many things like, loko-loko, bading, tanga-tanga, saya-saya... and many others. Its a generic term which we all understood. We give great respect to this name. And so, am dedicating this LO to my Schunga Sisters who I miss so much.

Permanent Black Pen, Doodle Template, Colored Pencils of my daughter and cardstock.

About ME:
Im Mich Sonza, married to a very supportive husband - Gilbert; with 2 kids Dominique (4) and Benedict (2). Been scrapping since I was little but just started achival scrapbooking last 2006. Since then I have been addicted to this craft because at least now, I share it with people with the same passion that I have. I have committed myself to restore and document family events. I have disciplined myself to only scrap only when there is a dead time on my hands. Family time is still my priority. So far, everything is just so great!

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